24/7 magazine of TelefonSeelsorge Deutschland - 24/7 Zeitschrift der TelefonSeelsorge Deutschland

24/7 ZdTSD 34th year No. 1 / April 2017

24/7 magazine of TelefonSeelsorge Deutschland is the continuation of the magazine of the German telephone counseling , published from 1984 to 2016 with the title Auf Draht .


The history of telephone counseling documents various approaches to launching an information service , all of which have failed, but at the same time culminated in “das Blatt” with the “imagined” magazine title “Auf Draht”. [1]

The first attempt was an information service that existed from June 1967 to June 1969 , which was discontinued after four editions; likewise the information service of the research center for TS , beginning 1973 with number 1 and ending 1979 with number 4. It was no different for the telephone counseling service , which existed from October 1975 (1st edition) to July 1983 (15th edition) [2] and was discontinued after a scandal . The trigger was that this service published three articles without consulting the editorial staff and two letters to the editor on homosexuality remained unpublished.

On wire No. 86 / August 2014

Against this background, the decision was made in 1983 at the annual leaders' conference in the Franconian community of Vierzehnheiligen ( Fourteen Holy Helpers ): The “Information Service Telephone Counseling” will be discontinued; there will be a follow-up sheet with an exclusively internal character; Of the umbrella organizations, only the two managing directors are born editorial members ; the previous (three) editors from among the full-time employees remain; in the future it should also come from the group of volunteersgive two editors; after four free sample numbers, the cost of the sheet should be designed in such a way that it bears itself; The editors should come up with a name for “the sheet”. The name Auf Draht was initially used as a temporary solution, but was retained until 2016 and only changed in 2017.

From today's perspective, Auf Draht's concern has changed over time, as can be seen from an older imprint (Issue 2, 1984): “Auf Draht is an internal magazine for voluntary and full-time employees in the telephone counseling centers and open doors in Germany Germany and Berlin (West). The magazine is only delivered to telephone counseling centers and open doors. "The narrowing of the readership [3] evidenced by this is verifiable up to issue 80 (August 2012), but was then replaced by" Auf Draht / Zeitschrift der TelefonSeelsorge Deutschland ", like the imprint of the Attest number 81 (December 2012) and subsequent editions.

“Das Blatt” owes the abandonment of its historical self-image and the name change that took place in 2017 to a change of editorial generation and is now also open to interested readers outside of German telephone counseling. At the same time, the concept and layout were made more professional, more attractive and more contemporary. [4]

Design and publication frequency

Right from the start , the design of the specialist magazine Auf Draht focused on a title topic. In the first four issues of the magazine "Suicide" (Issue 01/1984), "How we see ourselves - how others see us" (02/1984), "Who calls us from sex to addiction?" (03/1985) and “TS in transition? - what's next? "(04/1986). This idea for the conceptual design of the magazine has been retained to this day. In any case, this is evidenced by recent editions with “points of view” such as “Walls and Borders” (87/2014), “Intuition” (88/2015), “Shame” (89/2015), “Language” (90/2014) and “Anonymity “(1/2017).

These topics focus on problems and solutions that are on the nails of the telephone counseling staff. In addition, the booklets usually contain targeted media recommendations. Furthermore, this magazine gives outsiders and sponsors unvarnished insights: What is doing, what is the effect of telephone counseling today? Why is telephone counseling worthy of funding, why does it still need funding decades after it was founded? Why can't telephone counseling exist without the voluntary commitment of many thousands?

The authors of the contributions are voluntary or full-time employees of the telephone counseling. Texts and studies from other publications and media are sometimes reprinted in the TelefonSeelsorge Deutschland's 24/7 magazine . Technical contributions from external authors seem welcome. This also applies to the photo contributions editorially required for the conceptual design.

The 24/7 journal of TelefonSeelsorge Deutschland appears three times a year (April, August, December) with a circulation of 4,000 copies (as of 2017), and since the name change has also been an audio version on CD. The editorial deadline for authors of the articles is two months before the publication of the magazine.

Editor and editor

The editors of the 24/7 magazine of TelefonSeelsorge Deutschland are the Evangelical Conference for TelephoneSeelsorge and Open Door e. V. in Berlin and the Catholic Conference for Telephone Pastoral Care and Open Door in Bonn. The editorial team consists of Gisela Achminow (TelefonSeelsorge Munich), Friedrich Dechant (TelefonSeelsorge Weiden), Bernadette Ott (TelefonSeelsorge Munich), Inge Pape (TelefonSeelsorge Darmstadt) and Rosemarie Schettler (TelefonSeelsorge Duisburg Mülheim Oberhausen). [5]

The editor in charge has been Birgit Knatz (TelefonSeelsorge Hagen-Mark) since December 2011 , before that it was Gisela Achminov (Munich) from April 1999 to August 2011 and Norbert Dietel (Mannheim) from April 1984 to December 1998. Ulrich Josef has been the deputy editor since August 2017 Heinen (phone counseling Middle Rhine).


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Individual evidence

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