7th Luftwaffe Field Division - 7.ª División de Campo de la Luftwaffe

7th Luftwaffe Field Division
Commander of an air division, svg
Active October of 1942 - May of 1943
country Nazi Germany flag Nazi Germany
Fidelity Third Reich
Rama/s Luftwaffe (Wehrmacht)
Type Division
Dissolution March of 1943
High command

Notable commanders
Wolf Freiherr von Biedermann
August Kleßmann
Willibald Spang
Wars and battles

The 7th Luftwaffe Field Division ( 7. Luftwaffen-Feld-Division ) was a unit of the Luftwaffe during World War II .


It was formed in October 1942 in Groß - Born , from the 43rd Air Training Regiment (?). The division was officially disbanded in May 1943 .


Chiefs of Operations (Ia)

Order of Battle

The division consists of:

Each battalion of infantry is composed of 4 companies. It entered action on December 12 , 1942 . It suffered heavy casualties along the Don River ( Morozovskaja , Aleschkin , Krasnaja Svesda ), and the remains were incorporated into the Luftwaffe's 15th Field Division in March 1943 .

The division served under the following Barracks

January of 1943 Mieth Corps / Army Group Hollidt Don
February of 1943 ? ?
March of 1943 Support for Mius