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Radio station ( private )
reception Digital terrestrial , cable , internet
Reception area Hamburg and federal territory
Send start 17. June 2015
executive Director Rainer Poelmann
Dirk van Loh
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Radio 80s80s is a private radio program. It sees itself as a special-interest program with a focus on music, stars and lifestyle from 1980 to 1989. Approval under media law was granted in October 2014 by the Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein Media Authority (MA HSH).


80s80s Radio is a digital radio brand of Regiocast GmbH & Co. KG (own spelling REGIOCAST), a German media company with stakes in radio broadcasters, radio marketers and other service companies in the media sector based in Kiel , Berlin and Leipzig . In 2016, sister station 90s90s was launched with an emphasis on music from the 90s. [1] In June 2017, 1 / DEUTSCH was started as a program for German pop.

Logo Radio 80s80s

80s80s is produced in the Regiocast network at different locations, in spring 2017 new broadcasting studios were put into operation in Berlin.


With its terrestrial main program Real 80s Radio, 80s80s appeals to listeners who experienced the 1980s themselves. Music by Depeche Mode , The Cure , The Police , Violent Femmes and Anne Clark , but also Michael Jackson and Eurythmics is played . In addition to news, service and event tips for the various regional windows of the program (currently: Hamburg and National), the core of the program is mainly editorial sections on the subject of music. In Let's talk about Music reflect artists such as Adel Tawil ,Peter Heppner , Lotto King Karl , Max Mutzke , Jimmy Somerville , Marian Gold from Alphaville or Spandau Ballet talk about their favorite songs. In the Starnews section , which is broadcast daily , the latest reports on 1980s stars are prepared in a separate news format that is also available as an audio on demand offer. The program is supplemented by a weekly chart show ( 80s80s countdown ) based on user voting .

80s80s also operates web radio channels with a special musical focus. 80s80s NDW plays the hits of the New German Wave , 80s80s Depeche Mode is dedicated to the complete works of Depeche Mode. Depeche Mode's own daily news complement the editorial offer. 80s80s David Bowie and 80s80s Prince also edit the musical works of the respective artists. 80s80s plays ballads from the 1980s. [2] The apps are available for Android and iOS . AAC + streams with 64 kBit / s are used for the app. In March 2019 Markus Kavka started the digital radio offering 80s80s Wavewhose godfather he is. [3]

In addition to the entire streaming offer of all 80s80s stations, the station's website also offers a comprehensive song archive (“hit story”). Hits from 1980 to 1989 are listed here according to the year they were released, along with information about the history of the songs.

On November 16, 2020 it was announced that 80s80s will start in the Mux of Antenne Deutschland in December 2020 . [4]

80s80 was already activated in the Mux of Antenne Deutschland on November 30, 2020 . [5]


Radio 80s80s is about DAB + in Hamburg received to [6] [7] . On November 16, 2020, it was announced that the program would be broadcast on the second nationwide DAB + multiplex from December 1, 2020 and that the double broadcast in the DAB + multiplex in Hamburg would then be switched off. [8th]

In addition, 80s80s can also be received across Germany in the digital cable networks of Unitymedia (LCN 870 with Horizon) and (LCN 70 without Horizon). The LCN without Horizon can be found on all devices with a radio button . For TV sets without a radio button , the transmitter can be found on (LCN 1070 ). All stations can be heard online via the website and the app [9] .


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