8.5 meter class of the DGzRS - 8,5-Meter-Klasse der DGzRS

8.5 m class
SRB Günther Schöps.jpg
Ship data
flag GermanyGermany Germany
Ship type Lifeboat
home port Bremen
Owner DGzRS
Shipyard Fassmer, Schweers
Ship dimensions and crew
8,28 / 8,52 m (Lüa)
width 3,10 m
Draft max. 0,85 / 0,95 m
displacement 4,6 / 5,5 t
crew 2
Machine system
machine Diesel
220 PS (162 kW)
18 kn (33 km/h)
Propeller 1

The 8.5-meter class includes 18 rescue boats (SRB) of the German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked People (DGzRS). Between 1987 and 1994, 17 ships were built at the Fassmer shipyard and one at the Schweers ship and boat yard .

Today four boats of this class are still in service with the DGzRS. One boat is used by the DLRG , two boats are used by the Uruguayan Maritime Rescue Service, and one each is used by the Estonian Maritime Rescue Service and the Danish Maritime Rescue Service DSRS .


After the DGzRS had gained experience with lifeboats since the 1970s, the second generation of these powerful ships came into being at the end of the 1980s. The most important improvements were a significantly increased speed with high seaworthiness, an expanded rescue service and medical equipment as well as a circumferential fender system , which enables walking alongside even in difficult conditions. A salvage port on the starboard side, almost level with the waterline in the ship's side, makes it possible to take shipwrecked people floating in the water on board without having to straighten them up.

The hull was in a proven way of seawater-resistant aluminum of a grid frame built. A lower control stand in the ship and an open upper control stand are available for control. The ships are propelled by a diesel engine with 215 hp, which drives a fixed propeller via a reversing gear. With this they reach a speed of 18 knots; the range is about 200 nautical miles.

The equipment includes a tow hook, searchlights, mobile bilge pumps , medical and technical equipment as well as radio and navigation technology .

Starting in 1987, three prototypes were built to test the concept and gain experience. The following series ships, which were built from 1992, are 24 cm longer and designed as self- erecting.

The rescue boats of this class are manned at short notice by volunteers of the DGzRS and are used in the North and Baltic Seas.

After reunification , some of them replaced the motor lifeboats of the GDR Sea Rescue Service . Most ships of this class have since retired from active service with the DGzRS. In the coming years, other boats in this class are to be replaced by new builds in the 10.1 m class or the 8.9 m class . [1]


The boats

Name Bauname Callsign Construction year Shipyard (number) baptism Namesake Stationed at the DGzRS image
Asmus Bremer CROSS 29 DF7680 1987 Fassmer (1062) Kiel-Schilksee , 21. Dec. 1987 Asmus Bremer 1987–2012 Kiel-Schilksee
2012 out of service
Marie Luise Rendte CROSS 30 DF7681 1988 Fassmer (1063) Brunsbuettel , June 23, 1988 Funder of the DGzRS 1988–1999 Brunsbüttel,
1999–2003 Ueckermünde ,
2003–2012 Kiel-Schilksee
2012 out of service
MLRendte 2006 07 30 Schilksee (136).JPG
Franz Stapelfeldt CROSS 31 DA3112 1990 Schweers (6482) Burgstaaken, 17. Aug. 1990 Franz Stapelfeldt 1990–2000 Puttgarden ,
2000–2011 Maasholm ,
2011–2012 reserve boat,
2012–2015 Kiel-Schilksee
2015 out of service
Günther Schöps SRB 32 DH3767 1992 Fassmer (1256) Timmendorf (Poel), 23. Juni 1992 Sponsor of the DGzRS from 1992 Timmendorf
2018 out of service
SRB Günther Schöps.jpg
Gerhard ten Doornkaat SRB 33 DH3768 1992 Fassmer (1257) Bremen, 10. Nov. 1992 Gerhard ten Doornkaat Koolman-Stiftung from 1992 Ueckermünde SRBGTDoornkaat (2) .jpg
Karl van Well SRB 34 DH3769 1992 Fassmer (1258) Bremen, 10. Nov. 1992 Sponsor of the DGzRS from 1992 to 2017 Damp
2017 out of service
Dornbusch SRB 35 DH3770 1993 Fassmer (1259) Vitte (Hiddensee) , 15 April 1993 northernmost part of the island of Hiddensee 1993–2006 Vitte
2006–2019 Breege
2019 out of service
Casse etiquette SRB 36 DH3771 1993 Fassmer (1260) Norddeich , June 15, 1993 killed Otto Schülke rescue man from 1993 Norddeich
2017 out of service
Srb cassen knigge2.jpg
Putbus SRB 37 DH3772 1993 Fassmer (1261) Lauterbach (Rügen) , June 7, 1993 City of Putbus on Ruegen 1993–2017 Lauterbach
2017 out of service
Walter Merz
(ex Juist )
SRB 38 DH3773 1993 Fassmer (1262) Right , June 21, 1993,
Oct. 2008
Insel Juist,
sponsor of the DGzRS
1993–2007 Juist,
from 2007 Schleswig
Otto Behr SRB 39 DH3774 1993 Fassmer (1263) Wilhelmshaven , July 13, 1993 Sponsor of the DGzRS 1993 - 2019 Wilhelmshaven
from 2019 Zinnowitz
Hellmut Manthey SRB 40 DH3775 1993 Fassmer (1264) Lippe , 24. Sept. 1993 Sponsor of the DGzRS from 1993 Lippe
2018 out of service
HManthey 2004 07 Lippe (6) .JPG
Hermann Onken SRB 41 DH3776 1993 Fassmer (1265) Fedderwardersiel , 29 Oct. 1993 longtime foreman of the station there from 1993 Fedderwardersiel
2020 out of service
Jens Füerschipp SRB 42 DH3777 1993 Fassmer (1266) Gelting, 22. Nov. 1993 Friedrich Lorenzen, called Füerschipp (lightship) from 1993 Gelting
2018 out of service
Jens Füerschipp in Gelting 2017.jpg
Crempe SRB 43 DH3778 1994 Fassmer (1267) Neustadt in Holstein , March 3, 1994 medieval name of Neustadt 1994–2015 Neustadt
from 2015 reserve boat
2018 out of service
Baltrum SRB 44 DH3779 1994 Fassmer (1268) Baltrum, 7. Apr. 1994 Insel Baltrum 1994-2004 Baltrum,
from 2005 Horumersiel
2019 out of service
SRB Baltrum 2019.jpg
Bottsand SRB 45 DH3780 1994 Fassmer (1269) Laboe , May 29, 1994 Bottsand nature reserve 1994–2014 Laboe
2014 out of service
Stralsund SRB 46 DH3781 1994 Fassmer (1270) Stralsund , June 1, 1994 Hanseatic city of Stralsund 1994–2006 Stralsund,
from 2006 Prerow -Wieck
SRB Stralsund big.jpg

The boats still in service with the DGzRS are marked in bold.

Special features and whereabouts of individual boats

The Juist was renamed Walter Merz in 2008 .

The Asmus Bremer has been installed in front of the main entrance of the Deutsches Museum in Munich since November 9, 2012 .

The Bottsand was handed over to the Uruguay Sea Rescue Service in May 2015 and the Cassen Knigge and Karl van Well in January 2018 . [2] [3] A boat has now also been taken out of service there.

The Franz Stapelfeldt stands as a memorial to the GMRS station since mid-Schilksee, 2015.

The Marie Luise Rendte was an inaccessible museum ship in the port of Eckernförde from November 2016 . [4] Since the end of October 2019, the lifeboat has been set up on the city's motorhome parking lot. [5]

The Putbus has been used as the lifeboat Greif 1 of the DLRG in Hamburg-Altona since June 2017 . [6]

The Günther Schöps and Hellmuth Manthey are, since October 2018, the Ghana Maritime Authority in use. [7]

The Crempe and Jens Füerschipp are, since December 2018, the Maritime Administration of the Ministry of Road and Transportation Development of Mongolia in the Khuvsgul Nuur in use [8]

The Dornbusch has been in action for the Estonian Sea Rescue Service off the Juminda peninsula since September 2019 .

The Baltrum was handed over to the Danish sea rescue service Dansk Søredningsselskab in November 2019 .

The Hermann Onken was brought to Batumi in March 2020 , where it will be used as a lifeboat for the Maritime Transport Agency Georgia. [9]



Individual evidence

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