MOB ABDe 8/8 4001--4004 - MOB ABDe 8/8 4001–4004

MOB ABDe 8/8 4001--4004
Montreux – Bernese Oberland Railway - 4003 - 01.jpg
Numbering: 4001 to 4004
Number: 4
Manufacturer: SIG , BBC and SAAS
Year of construction (s): 1968
Axis formula : Bo'Bo '+ Bo'Bo'
Type : Double railcar
Genus : Serie 4000
Gauge : 1'000 mm
Length over buffers: 33'500 mm
Total wheelbase: 29'900 mm
Learning Mass: 60 t
Top speed: 70 km / h
Hourly output : 880 kW
Starting tractive effort: 185 kN
Hourly traction: 97 kN
Driving wheel diameter: 750 mm
Power system : 840 Volt DC
Power transmission: Overhead line
Number of traction motors: 8
Translation levels: 1 : 7,2
Seats: 68 (2nd class) + 18 (1st class)
Classes : 1 and 2.

The double multiple units ABDe 8/8 number 4001 to 4004 of the Montreux – Berner Oberland-Bahn , abbreviated MOB, French Chemin de fer Montreux-Oberland bernois , for a long time formed the backbone of the train transport on the route Montreux - Zweisimmen from 1968. They replaced the 3000 series multiple units, the BDe 4/4 No. 3001-3006, which were procured in two small series from 1944.

On the steepest sections of the route, the double multiple units, which had a driver's cab with a transition device to the attached wagons, were able to carry up to five passenger cars with a maximum weight of 80 t on the maximum gradient of 73 ‰.

The two car bodies , made of light steel construction, are each supported on two bogies and are closely coupled to one another. You cannot go alone. Each axle is driven by a motor arranged in the longitudinal direction of the bogie, via a worm gear . A semi-automatic control enables independent regulation of the preselected speed. A resistance brake enables the train to persist in the steep sections and to brake it without wear. If the power grid is capable of feeding in electricity, instead of being destroyed in the braking resistors, the electricity is fed into the grid as far as possible via the recuperation brake .

The railcar has a compressed air brake and a vacuum brake for the attached cars that do not have a compressed air brake.

ABDe 8/8 in front of a regional train in Rougemont

With the procurement of the locomotives with luggage compartment GDe 4/4 numbers 6001 to 6004 of the 4000 series, which were put into operation from 1983 and were able to carry 110 t on the maximum gradient, as well as the advent of the Panoramic Express between Montreux and the Lenk, these double railcars were transferred to subordinate services.

On the basis of the mechanical as well as the electrical construction, the series 5000 shuttle trains , the Be 4/4 5001 to 5004 and the associated control car ABt 5301 to 5304 were subsequently built from 1976 onwards. Chemins de then also procured trains that were practically identical in construction fer fribourgeois Gruyère – Friborg – Morat (GFM), today Freiburgische Verkehrsbetriebe (TPF).

Less directly visible is the relationship between the then Solothurn-Zollikofen-Bern-Bahn (SZB) and the United Bern-Worb-Bahnen (VBW), today's regional traffic Bern-Solothurn (RBS); the Lugano-Ponte-Tresa-Bahn (FLP) and Ferrovie autolinee regionali ticinesi (FART), also known as the Centovalli Railway , procured local trains. This is because the car body, in particular with regard to the door arrangement and interior fittings, was designed for local transport. Many components, including the motor bogies and the electrical equipment, are largely the same.

On 2/3 September 2017, the railcars were officially decommissioned. But they are still held as a reserve. [1] Railcar 4003 was canceled in 2018.

coat of arms

The double railcars have had the canton's coat of arms of the railway lines traveled through as well as the coat of arms of Switzerland since delivery :

  • 4001: Suisse, German Switzerland
  • 4002: Vaud , deutsch Waadtland (Canton coat of arms)
  • 4003: Bern (canton coat of arms)
  • 4004: Friborg , German Freiburg (canton coat of arms)

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