8th Festival of Political Song - 8. Festival des politischen Liedes

8th Festival of
Political Song
Live album of various performers
Publication 1978[1]
Recording 13-20 February 1978 [ 2 ]
Genders) Protest song [ 2 ]
Format Vinyl , LP , Compilation [ 2 ]
Record label Flag of germany AMIGA[2]
Catalogue 8 45 149[2]
7th Festival of Political Song
8th Festival of Political Song
9th Festival of Political Song

8. Festival des politischen Liedes is a live album of protest song performed by artists of various nationalities, recorded between February 13 and 20, 1978 in the context of the eighth version of the Political Song Festival ( German : Festival des politischen Liedes ) organized by the Free German Youth (FDJ) in East Berlin , at the time of the German Democratic Republic . [ 2 ]

Among the Spanish-speaking interpreters on the album are the Spanish Rosa León , as well as the Chileans Quilapayún , the latter exiled in Europe as a result of the Chilean military dictatorship , closing the album with the song "Solidaritätslied" (in Spanish: " Song of solidarity ”), written by the German playwright Bertolt Brecht and set to music by the German-Austrian Hanns Eisler . [ 3 ]

In addition, during the festival the song Venceremos was performed , whose recording was recorded, being released on the 1985 compilation album Vorwärts, nicht vergessen solidarität! .

Songs list

Side A [ 2 ]
N.º Title Music Interpreter Duration
1. "Who But Is The Party" Bertolt Brecht , Rainer Neumann Vintage '49
2. "Black cloud" Francisco Viana, Trovante Finding
3. «Melnistscha Sa Ziment» E. Markowa, Alen Mak Alen Mak
4. «Sainam Say» Y. Bouthong Singing group from the VDR Laos
5. "Agrarian reform" M. Faria Kiesos
6. «The Lament Of The Working Class Hero's Wife» Frankie Armstrong Frankie Armstrong
7. "The People's Bread" Bertolt Brecht, Fred Kruger Oktoberclub
8. «Friends, Comrades» Hannes Wader Hannes Wader
Side B [ 2 ]
N.º Title Music Interpreter Duration
1. "When I have the land" Jakovos Kambanellis, Ariel Redrocelli Moncada
2. «Brothers, see, The Red Flag» Edwin Hoernle, traditional Skiffle Schwerin
3. "Lullaby for Víctor G. León" LG Sanguez, Rosa Leon Rose lion
4. «Socialism, Comrades» Dieter Süverkrüp Dieter Süverkrüp
5. "The Assembly of Students" N. Sawopulos Maria Dimitriadi, Notis Mawrudis
6. "From a cantata of Indian music" traditional Yaki Kandru
7. "Solidarity song" Bertolt Brecht, Hans Eisler Quilapayún

Credits [ 2 ]

  • JAMEPO: design

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