8 moons - 8 lunas

8 moons
Compilation album of Rosana
Publication November 19, 2013
Recording 2013
Duration 64:58
Record label Warner Music Group
Producer (s) Rosana Arbelo
Rosana's Chronology
Good morning World!
8 moons
In the memory of the skin
Sencillos of 8 moons
  1. «Magic» ft. Jesús Navarro
    Published: November 2013

8 lunas is the compilation album by Spanish singer-songwriter Rosana, released on November 19, 2013. This Pop / Rock-style album was produced by the singer herself and was released under the Warner Music Group label .

History and recording

8 Lunas is Rosana's new album, released on November 19, 2013 is a special album that brings together some of her songs accompanied by recognized voices in the world of music in America, Europe and Spain.

In the words of Rosana herself: "It was the most useful and direct way that I found to unite those songs with which I do now around the same sound; it is a sound that has a lot to do with what I have done in my live shows .. Those who have gone to one of my concerts will not be surprised, but those who know Rosana through an album will notice a change. What I have tried to show in "8 Lunas" is the moment that I'm living now. "

Songs list

N.º Title Letters Duration
1. "If you're not there (feat. Mario Domm )" Rosana Arbelo
2. "With the fool day (feat. Dani Martín )" Rosana Arbelo
3. «Where I no longer have you (feat. Andrés Cepeda Rosana Arbelo
4. «For nothing (feat. César López Rosana Arbelo
5. "Without fear (feat. Sie7e )" Rosana Arbelo
6. "I won't let you go (feat. Martina La Peligrosa )" Rosana Arbelo
7. «I will dream (feat. Susana de Efecto Mariposa Rosana Arbelo
8. "Good morning World! (feat. Alex Hepburn ) » Rosana Arbelo
9. "Urgent letter (feat. Abel Pintos )" Rosana Arbelo
10. «Magic (feat. Jesús Navarro de Reik)» Rosana Arbelo
11. "My piece of heaven (feat. Fito Cabrales )" Rosana Arbelo
12. "Sandstorm" Rosana Arbelo
13. "Today (feat. Chocquibtown )" Rosana Arbelo
14. "The talisman (feat. Rubén Blades )" Rosana Arbelo
15. «With You (feat. Gian Marco Rosana Arbelo
16. «Lunas rota (feat. Paulinho Moska Rosana Arbelo


  • Acoustic Guitar: Rosana Arbelo
  • Voice and Choirs: Rosana Arbelo
  • Drums: Joaquín Migallón
  • Bass: Javier Quílez
  • Electric Guitar: David Pedragosa - Rosana Arbelo
  • Keyboards: Iñaki García - Álvaro Peire
  • Programming and engineering: Bori Alarcón
  • Engineering in "For nothing": Julio Monroy
  • Recorded at: Estudios Monteprincipe Madrid
  • Photos: Bernardo Doral
  • Design: Lorena Vergara

Credits at allmusic: http://www.allmusic.com/album/8-lunas-mw0002597657/credits


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