8 and a half - 8 y medio

8 y medio is a Spanish television program dedicated to cinema. He came to replace Row 1 within the Televigo grid. after the death of its presenter, Fernando Lino. Presented by Estrella Salgueiro, it more or less followed in the wake of its predecessor, although with twice the duration and with more attention paid to the television world.

The sections

  • 1. Premieres : The most outstanding news of the billboard in trailer format.
  • 2. Filming : We sneak into the filming of Hollywood movies and their actors tell us about it and their characters
  • 3. The TV that we live dangerously : Every week a report on a television genre. This section talked about reality shows, late nights, soap opera and many other topics apart from occasionally including interviews with personalities from the world of television such as the actors of El internado or Berto Romero .
  • 4. Theme of the week: Each week we dive into the history of film and television to illustrate the theme of the most important movie of that week. Topics such as blindness, the Nazis or catastrophes ... were some of those chosen
  • 5. DVD: A review of the releases on DVD both for sale and rent, as well as the series that come out in digital format.
  • 6. Advances: Films of next release in trailer format.

New Years Eve Special

Televigo counted on this program to close 2008 and welcome 2009 with a very special program that would summarize the cinematographic year from A to Z. The last seconds of the program were a countdown that coincided with just midnight at hour of the chimes.