9000-Punkte-Plan - 9000-Punkte-Plan

The 9000-point plan describes the criteria laid down in the cooperation agreement of 2006 between the German Ice Hockey League (DEL), the Ice Hockey Game Operating Company (ESBG) and the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB), which the stadiums of promoters from the ESBG organized 2. Ice hockey Bundesliga in the DEL - The 1. Bundesliga had to meet. The stadiums of clubs that belonged to the DEL before 2006 were exempt from the 9000 point rule. [1]

In addition to the 9000-point plan, the newcomers (such as the DEL clubs) had to prove the profitability. In addition, new clubs were only accepted into the DEL up to a total of 16 clubs. According to the cooperation agreement, the Straubing Tigers ( 2006 ), the Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg ( 2007 ), the Kassel Huskies ( 2008 ) and the EHC Munich ( 2010 ) advanced to the DEL, while the Bietigheim Steelers ( 2009 ) and the Ravensburg Towerstars ( 2011) the ascent was denied because their stages did not meet the 9000-point plan. During this time, several ice hockey stadiums were new or remodeled to meet the 9,000 point plan. The ESBG did not join the cooperation agreement between DEL and DEB from 2011, which meant that there was no longer a regular promotion to the DEL. [2]

From 2015, applicants for a DEL license had to prove a stadium with 6,000 points in the first year, and 7,000 points had to be achieved from the second season.

In July 2018, DEL and DEL2 agreed on promotion and relegation between the leagues from the 2020/21 season. The DEL2 champion must, among other things, prove a stadium with 4,500 seats and 8,000 points.


any standing room 1 point
every seat 2 points
every place in VIP rooms / boxes 2 points
Video technology [1] 1000 points
Spectator seats
The stadium receives one point for each standing room approved by the regulatory authorities. Seats and every place in the VIP room or in the VIP boxes are worth two points.
Video technology
If a video cube or a comparable system is available, which is suitable for a television-compatible production, 1000 points are awarded to the stadium. [1]

"7. Every club that wants to take part in the game of the DEL - The 1. Bundesliga must prove that they have a venue with a capacity index of at least 9,000 points. The capacity index is based on the officially approved audience capacity of the venue, with a standing room being rated with one point and a seated position being rated with two points. Furthermore, a VIP seat in a VIP room that is permanently set up within the venue and has the appropriate equipment is rated with 2 points each. In addition, the presence of a video cube or a display system with appropriate technical equipment for a television-compatible production is rated with 1,000 points. In addition, the technical requirements for TV production in accordance with the TV license agreements of the DEL or the DEL clubs must be met.[1]

List of 9000 point stages

The following stages reach the requirements of the cooperation agreement, taking into account the criteria mentioned:


Give the name of the stadium.
Indicates whether the stadium is a multifunctional hall (MH) or a pure ice hockey stadium (rE).
Name the city in which the stadium is located.
Home team
Names the ice hockey teams that regularly play games in the respective stadium. If the stadium is not used regularly or if teams only play games in the respective stadium in exceptional cases (e.g. international matches, finals, derbies ), no user is specified (-). Other sports that are played in the halls are not included in this list. Only the top team in its class is named
Indicates the league in which the team is currently playing. (Status: 2020/21 season)
Indicates the class of the respective league in the German ice hockey league system .
Stadium Art city Home team League great
Arena Nürnberger Versicherung MH Nürnberg Nürnberg Ice Tigers German ice hockey league I
Curt Frenzel Stadium rE Augsburg Augsburg panther German ice hockey league I
Danube Arena MH Regensburg EV Regensburg Oberliga Süd III
EgeTrans Arena MH Bietigheim-Bissingen Bietigheim Steelers DEL2 II
Bremerhaven ice arena rE Bremerhaven Fischtown Pinguins German ice hockey league I
Ice arena Wolfsburg rE Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg German ice hockey league I
Ice rink Essen-West rE Essen Mosquitoes eat Regionalliga West IV
Ice rink Frankfurt rE Frankfurt Löwen Frankfurt DEL2 II
Iserlohn ice rink rE Iserlohn Iserlohn Roosters German ice hockey league I
Ice rink Kassel rE Kassel Kassel Huskies DEL2 II
Ice sports center Chemnitz rE Chemnitz Wild Boys Chemnitz Regional League East IV
Eisstadion am Pulverturm rE Straubing Straubing Tigers German ice hockey league I
Ice rink on Brehmstrasse rE Düsseldorf DEG Ice Hockey German youth league
EnergieVerbund Arena MH Dresden Dresden Ice Lions DEL2 II
Franz Siegel Hall rE Freiburg EHC Freiburg DEL2 II
Helios Arena MH Villingen-Schwenningen Schwenninger Wild Wings German ice hockey league I
ISS Dome MH Düsseldorf Düsseldorfer EG German ice hockey league I
Kathrein Stadium rE Rosenheim Starbulls Rosenheim Oberliga Süd III
Royal palace MH Krefeld Krefeld penguins German ice hockey league I
Lanxess Arena MH Cologne Cologne Sharks German ice hockey league I
Mercedes-Benz Arena MH Berlin Polar bears Berlin German ice hockey league I
Barclaycard Arena MH Hamburg
Olympic ice stadium rE Garmisch-Partenkirchen SC Riessersee Oberliga Süd III
Olympic ice stadium rE Munich EHC Red Bull Munich German ice hockey league I
Olympiahalle MH Munich
Rheinlandhalle rE Krefeld Krefelder EV German youth league
SAP Arena MH Mannheim Adler Mannheim German ice hockey league I
Saturn Arena MH Ingolstadt ERC Ingolstadt German ice hockey league I
Municipal ice rink Landshut rE Landshut EV Landshut DEL2 III

Individual evidence

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