90 miles (film) - 90 millas (película)

90 Miles is a Spanish filmdirected by Francisco Rodríguez [ 1 ] in 2005 , and starring Enrique Molina, Daisy Granados , Claudia Rojas , Alexis Valdés , Jorge Herrera, Sergio Lucas and Emilio Aragón Bermúdez .

Alexis Valdés and Emilio Aragón act in dramatic registers, away from their usual comic roles.

The low-budget film was shot in Spain, mainly in the south of the island of Tenerife .


Ninety miles is the distance that separates the coast of Cuba from that of the United States. A Cuban family decides to leave the island illegally in a small homemade boat without knowing that it will suffer a tragic odyssey in the Straits of Florida.


Actress Claudia Rojas won the award for best female performance at the Islantilla Festival (2005) for her role in this film. [ 2 ]



  1. ^ In IMDb (December 2014) it appeared, by mistake, attributed to the director Francisco Rodríguez Gordillo. cfr. Serrano Cueto (2013) and Estefanía ([sf]); later (March 2015), the error was corrected and the correct data appears.
  2. ^ « Prize for Claudia », La Nación , April 24, 2005.

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