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90 minuti (abbreviated as 90´M ) was a sports humor program presented by Miki Nadal and Graciela Álvarez Lobo that analyzes sports information on Real Madrid in a casual tone . It premiered on Real Madrid TV on June 8 , 2016 . The title of the program is based on Juanito's famous phrase , "90 minuti at the Bernabéu are molto longos". As a result of Covid 19, it was canceled on March 11 , 2020 .


A humorous sports newscast. A fun view of current sports. Every day they take to the streets, with their reporter Yonyi, to take into account the opinion of the spectators. The journalist Nacho Gómez analyzes the sports press in Media Punta.

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  • Fan Zone : Yonyi Arenas takes to the streets for his reports on Madrid games .
  • The midfielder : Nacho Gómez Hermosura comments with Miki and Graciela on the sports press.
  • 100% 90 Minuti : A compilation of brief humorous sketches made by the program on various topics, almost always making more than one journalist look ridiculous.
  • Diver-journalism : They collect "jokes" or puns in the sports press.
  • Mikileaks : Miki looks for and comments on news invented by himself in reference to sports news.
  • Seen on television : Summary of the best of the last day on television.
  • Those wonderful audios : They recall some mythical audio from Spanish sports radio.
  • The armchair : They review the day from an armchair
  • On your own doorstep : They remind us of the funniest moments in the 90-minute story in sketch form, almost always parodies of Miki.
  • Radio nights : They collect the last best moments of sports radio.
  • New journalism manual : Section where the best moments of journalists are shown on TV.
  • Ways to criticize Madrid : They compile the criticisms they make about Madrid.
  • La cantera : Section where some children speak in their own way about a topic that is asked in a question about football.
  • The 40 portrayed : Parody of Los 40 Principales where they "portray" a journalist who makes a mistake live.
  • Robinson Disinform : Miki parodies Michael Robinson on his Robinson Report program
  • Mikildini World (formerly Mikildini Fever ): Miki parodies Julio Maldonado "Maldini" on his YouTube show .
  • Miki Estrada : Miki parodies the famous "journalist" Pipi Estrada . It is one of the most popular sections of the program.
  • The movie : They make a billboard with montages of films with journalists who have starred in some controversial moment.
  • Imagination team : Parody of Investigation team where Graciela plays Gloria Serra and Miki parodies journalist Manuel Esteban "Manolete" in Estudio Estadio with Mikilete name where she plays an anonymous character.
  • Recovery classes : Section where journalists who have made mistakes live or have a pending issue are sought.
  • Pink salad : Parody of Here is Tomato and Pink Sauce where they comment on the sports news in the form of a heart press.
  • Tweet Peaks: Parody of Twin Peaks where the funniest zascas of journalists comment on Twitter
  • Culevisión Española: Section where they review national television ( Teledeporte ) in search of comments from the Catalans towards Real Madrid.
  • 90 Minuti Awards : Parody of The Best Awards , where prizes are awarded to journalists who have starred in a controversial moment.
  • Goya's portraits : Equivalent to the 90 minuti awards, parody of the Goya awards .
  • Nightmare in the press : Parody of Nightmare in the kitchen where Miki plays Alberto Chicote with the name Alberto Mikote commenting on the latest criticism of journalists towards Madrid.
  • From VAR to worse : Section where they review the use of VAR in the League with Miki parodying former referee Iturralde González as Turras González .
  • Sung : Musical moments of the season.
  • Al Blanco alive : Miki imitates the famous Antonio García Ferreras to give journalism lessons to journalists who criticize Madrid.
  • Your hell sounds to me : Parody of Your Face Sounds to Me where they portray journalists using a more musical way.
  • Bobby's Office : Miki parodies journalist and food lover Roberto Gómez.
  • Un dos tres ... invent again : Parody of Un dos tres ... answer again using covers against Madrid players. Graciela and Nacho play and the latter always "loses".
  • Zascman : Parody of the Pac-Man video game where Miki's best zascas are collected from the tavern journalists.

Seasons and programs

Season Programs Premiere Final Audiences
1 185 (+1 special) June 8 , 2016 June 22 , 2017 0,7%
2 135 July 24 , 2017 As June 26 as 2018
3 137 August 6 , 2018 Jul 4 , 2019
4 97 August 5 , 2019 March 11 , 2020
Total 554 2016 2020


  • Teleaudiencias Award 2017 for the best sports program

Special programs

  • Program 100 (December 26, 2016)
  • A por la Twelfth (May 11, 2017)
  • Program 177, 1 year anniversary (June 8, 2017)
  • 90 minuti Extra (June 26, 2017 - July 21, 2017)
  • Program 200 (August 24, 2017)
  • Program 300 (May 17, 2018)
  • Program 400 (March 7, 2019)
  • Program 500 (November 5, 2019)

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