Handball GDR Oberliga (men) 1990/91 - Handball-Bundesliga 1990/91

The former handball GDR league of men was held in the 1990/91 season in the course of German reunification under the designation 1. Handball League . For the last time, the indoor handball master for the area of ​​the former GDR was determined with her . Until December 1990, the 1st handball league played under the umbrella of the German handball association of the GDR . After this was united with the German Handball Federation of the Federal Republic, this became the umbrella organization of the league.

Season course

The 1st league started playing on September 14, 1990, four weeks before German reunification . Twelve teams took part, most of which had changed their legal form and name (see “Name changes” below). Last year's third SC Magdeburg appeared under its previous name and celebrated its tenth indoor handball title. Last year's champions HC Preußen Berlin , which emerged from SC Berlin , got off to a bad start and only managed to take second place four match days before the end of the season, which they held until the final. The former GDR sports clubswere able to maintain their previous special position this season and, as usual, took the first five places. The former company sports associations involved had already all been converted into clubs under German law, of which the EHV Wismut Aue was the most successful with 6th place. The two promoted EHV Wismut Aue and SV Grün-Weiß Wittenberg-Piesteritz could not assert themselves in the field of the best East German handball teams and were integrated into the 2nd handball Bundesliga for the 1991/92 season . The clubs that landed in places 1 to 10 played in the 1st handball league in 1991/92

Closing table

Pl. team Sp S U N Tore Points
1. SC Magdeburg 22 18 2 2 529:395 38:06
2. HC Prussia Berlin (M) 22 18 1 3 543:432 37:07
3. SC Leipzig 22 16 0 6 486:425 32:12
4. BFV Frankfurt 22 11 3 8 500:463 25:19
5. SC Empor Rostock 22 10 3 9 447:441 23:21
6. EHV Wismut Aue 22 10 3 9 442:462 23:21
7. ThSV Eisenach 22 10 2 10 440:460 22:22
8. Dessauer SV ZAB 22 9 1 12 469:489 19:25
9. BSV Stahl Brandenburg 22 8 2 12 454:476 18:26
10. SV Post Schwerin 22 6 3 13 453:442 15:29
11. Zwickauer HC miner's lamp (N) 22 3 2 17 344:489 08:36
12. SV Grün-Weiß Wittenberg-Piesteritz (N) 22 2 0 20 390:522 04:40

 East champions 0  + change to the handball Bundesliga 1991/92 0  relegated to the 2nd handball Bundesliga 1991/92
(M) GDR champions 1990 , (N) GDR league promoters 1989/90

Name changes


The clubs each had to play 22 games in the handball league in 1990/91, so a total of 132 matches were played. 5,475 goals were scored, an average of 42 goals per game. The players of the dethroned previous year's champions HC Preußen Berlin were the most accurate with 543 goals. In the match between SC Magdeburg and Dessauer SV ZAB, most goals were scored at 33:21. The crown of the top scorer had to be shared by two players in 1990/91, both Karsten Kalbitz from ThSV Eisenach and Uwe Seidel from BFV Frankfurt scored 150 times. Seidel scored 67 seven-meter goals, while Kalbitz threw 47 goals from the seven-meter point. The new champions SC Magdeburg led the league table on 20 match days. Dessauer SV ZAB was the front runner on the 1st matchday, while SC Leipzig was in the lead on the 5th matchday.

Champions team

SC Magdeburg
Logo from SC Magdeburg

Goal: Gunar Schimrock , Michael Juzko Field
players: Heiner Benecke, Jens Fiedler , Andreas Fink, Laisvidas Jankevičius, Sven Liesegang , Thomas Michel, Markus Pregler, Carsten Schulze, Steffen Stiebler , Heiko Triepel , Holger Winselmann
Trainer: Hartmut Krüger

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