911 (Cyndi Lauper song) - 911 (canción de Cyndi Lauper)

911 is a song by the American singer Cyndi Lauper . The song is included in his second studio album True Colors (1986).

Cyndi Lauper song from True Colors
Publication September 15, 1986
Format song on album , song on vinyl, song on CD
Recording August-September 1986
Genders) pop-rock
Duration 3 Mins 16 Segs
Record label EPIC records
Author (s) Cyndi Lauper, Lennie Petze, Essra Mohrack
Producer (s) Lennie Petze
True Colors song timeline
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The song places Cyndi Lauper in her burning house, in which she says that the fire started in the kitchen and spread to the room where the room burned. At the end an operator comes out saying that 911 is not available in his area. On the recorder, you can hear the voice of Pee Wee Human, a collaborator Cyndi worked with on True Colors (1986), who collaborated for the operator voice at the end saying:

“The 911 emergency number, Is not in effect in the area where you are Please hang up and dial "0" for operator, This is a recording”

In the part of the telemarketer they put 0 pronounced as an O, since in the English language, the number 0 is pronounced as an O in case of spelling a number or a telephone key


"911 does not have coverage in the area in which you are located, please hang up and press" 0 "to speak to an operator, this is a recording"


The song earned Lauper a 1987 Grammy Award nomination for "Best Female Rock Vocal Performance" for the album True Colors (1986), making Lauper the first artist to win a Grammy with a song. not considered as a simple, nor promotional simple. [ 1 ]


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