911 - Your talk show on Energy - 911 – Deine Talkshow bei Energy

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911 - Your talk show on Energy
Radio show from Munich
publication 2006–2009
production Energy
Moderation Daniel Melcer
Philipp Kleininger
Johannes Sassenroth

911 - Your talk show on Energy (English: nine eleven ) was the first nationally broadcast radio talk show on the radio market. This was broadcast across Germany by the NRJ Group from 2006 until it was discontinued in 2009 .

Moderation & Team

Since the beginning of the show, it has been moderated by Daniel Melcer ( Dani ), Philipp Kleininger ( Philipp / Fibsi ), and Johannes Sassenroth ( Sassi ). The main moderation here was Daniel Melcer with Philipp Kleiniger as secondary moderator. In addition to the moderation, Sassenroth also took on the role of Freakman , a short comedy interlude that was broadcast regularly on Energy (now at regular intervals on Radio Fantasy). Before the production of 911, all three moderated the Augsburg comedy show Bread and Games on the Augsburg local broadcaster Radio Fantasy .

There were also various “Metro Polish women” who took turns taking calls from the audience, passed them on to the “boys” in the studio or called back if necessary. Occasionally the telephone ladies were asked into the studio to express their (feminine) opinion on certain topics.

Sassenroth left the talk show at the beginning of 2009 and went to the Hessian radio station You FM , for which he has hosted the afternoon radio show Der Sassenroth since 2009 .


911 has been broadcast across Germany since June 6, 2006 in cooperation between the stations of Energy Berlin , Munich , Hamburg , Nuremberg , Saxony and the Stuttgart region . The only exception to the broadcast was Energy Bremen . The talk show was broadcast weekly from Monday to Thursday and according to the name between 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm (also called "very late in the afternoon" by Melcer).

The broadcasting location of the talk show was not revealed from the start. According to speculation, the program is said to have been broadcast by one of the southern German energy stations. Accordingly, either Nuremberg or Munich were considered. Another option for the broadcast location of the show should also be Augsburg , out of suspicion due to the previous cooperation of the presenters with the local broadcaster Radio Fantasy.

Jingles and show music for 911 were composed and recorded by the German musician Mark Scheibe .

Since the program was not aimed at viewers under the age of 16, topics such as suicidal thoughts or sexual intercourse were also covered. As a result, the moderators were constantly put under pressure with complaints about the protection of minors , which is why Johannes Sassenroth finally decided at the beginning of 2009 to leave the show and switched to the Hessian youth broadcaster You FM .

Despite high ratings, a large fan base and mostly positive feedback from the state media authorities, the program was canceled after more than three years on October 15, 2009, without prior notice to the moderators and listeners from all Energy stations. According to an open letter from the managing director, the reason for this was the mostly youth-endangering content in the program. Radio Energy also claims that 911 violated licensing requirements. Both internal agreements and licensing requirements of the supervisory authorities and state media authorities had been repeatedly and blatantly disregarded.

Because of the popularity of the show with Energy listeners, there was disappointment about the end of the show. Listeners vented their anger via email. In addition, demonstrations were organized in some cities, such as in Berlin , Munich or Nuremberg, which have not yet been able to change the cancellation of the show.

Broadcast and content

As a rule, the program had no predetermined or fixed topic: instead, a wide variety of topics were discussed according to the motto “Your input is our output ”. As a greeting, each caller had to answer a small and personal question from Daniel Melcer; at the end of each call, the caller was asked for his “famous last words”. At around 10:30 p.m. (also called a quarter to Freakman ) an episode of Freakman was played. At the end of the talk show , Melcer said "Greetings to Johnny Martini" (rumored to be a prison inmate who was mentioned by a caller. Dani Melcer found the name Johnny Martiniso great that afterwards he gave him greetings at the end of every broadcast, because he was supposed to listen to every show on the radio in prison) and played the secret 911 hymn , the song “La bonne franquette” by singer Herbert Pagani.

The show's mascot was a naked mole rat , who could be won as a stuffed animal during the show. To do this, the callers had to win a bizarre game on the radio such as Schnick / Schnack / Schnuck , Stadt, Land, Ende , "Knack dem Köhler" or other games. It also happened that naked mole rats were given away.

In some episodes the "PopUp-Song" was recorded, a song (usually taken from the charts) (e.g. Pink) with a friendly female voice. This then revealed the moderators' private secrets, revealed their dirty secrets (last vacation trip, leisure activities, ...). At the end of the song came the repeated words: "Good night, sleep tight - your pop-up song!"

Events & promotions

Occasionally, the 911 moderators organized events, demonstrations and campaigns where the listeners could be present live. The actions were led by Johannes Sassenroth, disguised as a freakman, while the action was broadcast live on the show , while Daniel Melcer and Philipp Kleininger moderated in the studio.

In 2007, for example, two 911 laps were organized in Berlin and Munich, where the audience could discuss live on site and with the moderators in person. Revolverheld also appeared as a music act at the 911 Sause .

In addition, several Yes Torty demos took place at which demonstrations were made for the reintroduction of Yes Torty in German grocery stores. Sassenroth then met personally with the press spokesman for Nestlé Deutschland AG to hand over the petitions for the resumption of the Yes-Torty in the food trade.

Another big action of 911 was the search for the Brieselanger light , which arose from a phone call from a listener. Accordingly, Johannes Sassenroth met as a freakman with 911 listeners in the Brieselanger forest to look for the Brieselang light there while Melcer and Kleininger moderated live in the studio .