97th German Catholic Day - 97. Deutscher Katholikentag

Ecumenical youth service during Catholic Day in the Herz-Jesu-Kirche

The 97th German Catholic Day took place from May 21 to 25, 2008 in the city ​​of Osnabrück in Lower Saxony .

It was under the motto “You lead us out into the far” after the 18th Psalm , verse 20 ( Ps 18.20 EU ) and had 60,000 participants. [1] Originally, the 2008 Catholic Day was to take place in Essen . However, the diocese of Essen waived the alignment. [2]

It was the second Katholikentag in the city after the 48th German Katholikentag, which was held from August 25 to 29, 1901.

Good Friday intercession for the Jews

The 97th German Catholic Day stood in the area of ​​tension between Judaism and the Roman Catholic Church , after Pope Benedict XVI. The revision of the Good Friday Prayer for the Jews had sparked criticism in the same year. Jewish scientists and theologians such as Walter Homolka , Micha Brumlik and Rolf Verleger canceled their participation in the Catholic Day. [3] The Central Council of Jews in Germany broke off its official contacts with the Roman Catholic Church, whose then President Charlotte Knobloch called for the prayer to be withdrawn until Catholic Day. [4]With the program item “Christian-Jewish Dialogue” the Kirchentag tried to bring about a relaxation. Rabbi Henry G. Brandt , who had also sharply criticized the Good Friday prayer, then emphasized the brotherly and sisterly relationship between Jews and Christians. [5]


Central events

The Catholic Day was opened on May 21st at St. Peter's Cathedral with a central celebration with Bishop Franz-Josef Bode , after the Apostolic Nuncio in Germany, Jean-Claude Périsset , had previously received a message from Pope Benedict XVI. had delivered.

The Eucharist for the Feast of Corpus Christi was held in the palace garden on May 22nd, the main celebrant was Franz-Josef Bode. The Corpus Christi procession led to the former collegiate church of St. Johann .

The sermon of the ecumenical service in the cathedral was held on May 23rd by the regional bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran regional church of Hanover , Margot Käßmann . She called for acceptance of the diversity in Christianity around the world. [6] A concert in the palace gardens was entitled "Osnabrück rocks for 1 world ".

On May 24th, the World Children's Festival in the castle garden was under the motto “Mission possible - One world is possible”. The "Osnabrück Festival of Cultures" was celebrated in the area between the market at Osnabrück town hall and the cathedral forecourt. Another central event of the day was a celebration on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Episcopal Aid Organization Misereor with a performance by the Wise Guys .

The main service of the Catholic Day was held on May 25th on the Illoshöhe sports field in Weststadt . The main celebrant was Archbishop Robert Zollitsch , concelebrants included Franz-Josef Bode, Gebhard Fürst , Reinhard Marx and Adrianus Simonis . More than 20,000 people attended the service. [5]


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