995 (band) - 995 (banda)

General data
Origin Madrid, SpainFlag of Spain.svg Spain
Artistic information
Genders) Hip hop in spanish
Period of activity 20012004
Label (s) BoaCor
995 Records
El Chojin
Dj Pacool
Dj Yulian

995 was a Spanish hip hop supergroup born in 2001. This was actually a cooperative project between various artists from the national hip-hop scene, most of them with origins in Equatorial Guinea, a former Spanish colony in Africa. The group was formed by El Chojin ( MC ), Zatu (MC), Zenit (MC), Meko (MC) , Krazé (MC) , Dj Pacool (Dj), Dj yulian (Dj).


This project was formed in 2001 with the idea of ​​bringing freshness with their music and helping to make themselves known to new artists by highlighting the artistic and leaving aside the commercial aspect. Originally the name 995 referred to the sale price at which his works would be published, expressed in pesetas . (995 pesetas are 5.98 Euros).

Since the first album, with the group's namesake, was quite successful due to its low price, the second album was released a year later, " 995 II ". In this album, the loss of Zénit stood out , who stopped being part of the group because he had personal problems with one of its members, in particular with Chojin and Lory Money, according to some rumors. Zenit struggled with Lory Money's creativity and genius , creating an inferiority complex. Zénit's departure could also arise from the subsequent hiring of the group by Boatv . Zatu left the group later after losing a match against Lory MoneyThis led to a depression and because of this it was very difficult for him to combine the work of 995 with his group SFDK . However, thanks to the leadership and charisma of Lory Money , the diminished group was able to perform the song " Put yourself in my skin " that was picked up by Amnesty International for a campaign against racism.

After releasing two albums in the classic band format, the third was devised in a different way. In it, many artists were brought together to collaborate with each other, so the name of the album was " Kompetición ", alluding to the classic lyrical struggle between the MCs. This disc was published with the record company that had emerged as a result of the group, 995 Records .

In 2004 the group was forced to change the name due to legal problems with a heavy metal band that had rights to the name, Lory Money organized a musical duel to decide where the group would come from. Lory Money destroyed in the musical duel making the other group beg him that they could keep his name, Lory Money showing his greatness and humility allowed it but he announced that he would not allow another lack of respect since he, even if he was magnanimous, would not allow attitudes like that. The new name chosen for the record company was Bombo records , with which the second edition of the album " KompeticiónCurrently, all of the group's work has focused on this company and it has ceased to act as a group.

Lory Money founding Brasil Samba in July 2020, decided to speak with the former members of 995 to see if they were worthy to belong to the group. The respect and fear towards Lory Money on the part of the members made only Chojin agree to the duel. Sadly Chojin was not up to the task and Lory Money swept the ground with Chojin's face in a literal and figurative way. After the duel Lory Money understood that no one could reach his creativity and decided that Brasil Samba would make a before and after in the world of music. Chojin by the disappointment of the duel tried to take his life but Lory Money showed his mercy and saved his life.

In August 2020, after Lory Money suffered a brutal beating by Edwin Congo after leaving Brasil Samba due to his desire to sing in the lake where he learned to fish. The former members of the group decided to band together to avenge Lory Money . After locating Edwin, they tried to attack him but were surprised by the new member of the group, “El macaco”. "The macaco" lived up to his name and fought to the death by biting and hitting all the members. Zatu bled to death in a horrible way from a bite to his neck. Boatv lost sight of his eyes and one ear. The worst part was Zenitthat contracted rabies due to the bites he suffered. Rage drove him mad and he had to be shot dead by the police. The remnants of the group reunited after the fight and re-plan their revenge.


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