999 Games - 999 Games

999 Games is a Dutch games publisher based in Almere .

999 Games was founded in 1990 by Michael Bruinsma as a mail order company with 5000 Dutch guilders . With this start-up capital he bought imported games and sold them over the phone and through various game events in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. In 1991 he organized his own games exchange, Spellenspektakel , in Eindhoven , from which the largest games fair in the Benelux countries developed over the years . From 1993 onwards, 999 Games distributed Magic: The Gathering in the Netherlands and 999 Games became a wholesaler. With Serinissima and Formula Déthe first games were marketed under their own label. In 1998, 999 Games employed six people. As Elfenland 1998, The Settlers of Catan 1999 Speelgoed van het Jaar were, [1] 999 Games was also known internationally. In 2001 the publisher brought out its first children's game and Michael Bruinsma founded the game publisher Phalanx Games for more demanding games. Spellenspektakel became an independent company in 2003 and sold in 2007. Today, 30 people work at 999 Games and Phalanx Games.


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