999 reasons - 999 razones

999 reasons
Studio album of Pandora
Publication December 12, 1989
Recording summer 1989
Genders) Romantic ballad
Format LP, Cassette and CD
Record label EMI Capitol of Mexico
Producer (s) Raúl González Biestro
Professional qualifications

  • Allmusic - 3/5 stars[1]
Pandora Timeline
999 reasons
( 1989 )
With Eternal Love
( 1991 )
Singles of 999 reasons
  1. Dreams
    Posted: October 16, 1989
  2. Neither you nor me
    Posted: February 5, 1990
  3. Still
    Released: March 12, 1990
  4. I don't regret anything
    Posted: May 14, 1990
  5. A bad love
    Posted: June 4, 1990
  6. Why continue?
    Posted: August 6, 1990
  7. Invisible
    Released: October 8, 1990

999 Reasons is the name of the fifth studio album released by the Mexican musical group Pandora under the production of the record house EMI Capitol de México . It was released on December 12, 1989 in LP and cassette format through a special presentation at the Hacienda de los Morales in the Polanco area of ​​Mexico City. [ 2 ]

This was the first album made with the new member of the group Liliana Abaroa after Fernanda's departure and her release as a soloist.


Once Fernanda's dismissal from the group happened, the EMI executives together with Isabel and Mayte, began to look for a new member with the aim that the group continues to be a trio, and due to the decline in sales of the previous album, renew the atmosphere of the group making it more youthful. For this, a campaign is launched, only within the Mexican musical medium, called A Pandora is searched .

As a result of this, they turned to Liliana Abaroa, who was a Mijares chorus girl and had studied music with the Zavala Brothers since the age of 7. The incorporation to the group was immediate, Liliana immediately began to perform audio, choreography, photography tests and to couple her voice with Isabel and Mayte.

On June 11, 1989, the new member was presented to the media and the general public through the television program Siempre en Domingo , debuting with two songs, the first was "Sueños" that would be included in the next Pandora album and "I can't stop thinking about you" which was re-recorded with Liliana for this occasion.


On this occasion, the Pandora group works with the production team commanded by Raúl González Biestro.Since the spring of 1989, when Fernanda still belonged to the group, work began on the selection of songs, but production stopped at the time of the announcement of Fernanda's departure.

At the end of the summer of 1989, once Liliana's incorporation had passed, production of the new Pandora album resumed, and Isabel, Mayte and Liliana traveled to the recording studio again, but this time in Miami , Florida .

For the realization of this album we worked with a new producer and director and songs by very diverse authors were selected such as: Juan Gabriel , Marco Flores , Ilan Chester , Alejandro Filio , Aleks Syntek , José María Purón , Álex Zepeda, Luis Armida / Alex Razo and Márquez


Due to delays in the post-production of the album and the activities of the new member to join the group, as well as her illness that temporarily disabled her, the release of the album was postponed several times; but finally, on December 12, 1989, he was presented to the media through a special presentation at the Hacienda de los Morales in the Polanco area of ​​Mexico City.

The song "Ni tu, ni yo" by the Italian-Venezuelan composer Franco De Vita is chosen as Punta de lance , a song that was quite successful on the radio and for which a music video was filmed in which it was the debut of the new member in a video. Later, they promoted the single «Still» by Hernaldo Zúñiga , songs that occupied the popularity charts and again endorsed the musical quality of the Pandora group. [ 3 ]

The group began the year 1990 with a strong promotion on television and on radio stations of their first single throughout Mexico, appearing in palenques and concerts and getting close to the media that were eager to meet the new member.

They were also invited to appear in some concerts within the American Union, appearing in Miami , Los Angeles and in New York . By April 1990, the album was a success in the Spanish-speaking population of the United States and in Puerto Rico , a country to which they traveled and did an arduous promotional work, appearing in various television and radio programs as well as in concerts where they had full full.

At the end of the spring of 1990, the group returned to Mexico to continue promoting the album and later, late in the summer, they began a promotional trip to Central America.

At the end of the year 1990, EMI Capitol offered the group to participate in the Federal Government's campaign, called Solidarity, to reduce poverty within the country. For this, the trio joins a large number of current artists in the musical taste for the recording of the promotional single, curiously in this project Fernanda Meade also participates as a soloist, but they never meet in the recording of the song or the promotion video .

Reception and awards

The album obtained good comments by the critics and by the Mexican media, but unfortunately it did not obtain the desired sales accompanying Buenaventura as one of the group's lowest-selling albums, and although a high effort of promotion of the album was carried out by the group for Throughout the Mexican territory, on television and radio, sales did not take off.

The album received a double gold record, for sales of over 200,000 copies in Mexico.

Regardless of the results in the Aztec country, the album became a success in the Spanish-speaking public of the American union and in Puerto Rico, where they obtained awards and recognitions. In the Caribbean Island, the album was the third best-selling album in Puerto Rico in 1990.

They were also awarded the Cheers Trophy for Best International Group in October 1990 in Chicago , Illinois . In Puerto Rico they receive the Diplo award for best vocal group. In Miami, Florida, they were nominated for the Premio Lo Nuestro by the Telemundo network , where during the award ceremony, they sing the Potpourri of Juan Gabriel while they are present.


N.º Title Writer (s) Duration
1. "A bad love" Mario Florez 3:44
2. "With your simplicity" Ad Chester 3:02
3. «Why continue» Aleks Syntek / Alejandro Zepeda 3:42
4. "Two loners" Alejandro Filio 3:33
5. "Alone, alone, alone" Jose Maria Puron 4:14
6. «Invisible» Aleks Syntek 3:19
7. "Still" Hernaldo Zúñiga 4:08
8. "I do not regret anything" Juan Gabriel 3:05
9. "Neither you nor I" Franco de Vita 3:27
10. "Truce flag held high" Marquez / Juanes 3:07
11. "Dreams" Armida / Mazo 3:40


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