99drei Radio Mittweida - 99drei Radio Mittweida

99drei Radio Mittweida is a local radio station run independently by students from Mittweida University . As a training radio, 99drei is a non-commercial local radio and is intended to enable students of the media faculty to gain their first radio experience in the most practical environment possible. The practical implementation and broadcast of the professional radio program is closely linked to media training at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences. The students are scientifically supported by the professors, faculty staff and external lecturers. Within the university, the radio station is assigned to the radio specialist group, which is also responsible for a recording studio.


In 1997 the predecessor of 99drei Radio Mittweida, Radio Novum, was founded, although it could only be received via the Mittweida cable network. With the license for a terrestrial frequency since 2004 for the university institute Academy for multimedia training and communication (AMAK AG), the carrier of the station, Radio Novum became the new station 99drei Radio Mittweida.

A full restart was performed on May 1, 2013 . The claim “Every day in the middle” relates to the local focus of the station.

On April 17, 2015, 99drei Radio Mittweida moved into the new center for media and social work . Students can work in two new studios that are state-of-the-art. [1]

Frequencies and program

99drei Radio Mittweida broadcasts on the terrestrial VHF frequency 99.3 MHz and can be received within a radius of approx. 10-15 km around Mittweida . As the only local program for the broadcast area, it is aimed at all local radio listeners.

On weekdays, the station has the program “Die 99drei Frühflieger”, Germany's only morning show that is hosted daily by students. The program also consists of special evening programs that change daily. The “night programs” program line has been discontinued since March 2014. On weekdays there is hourly news with a focus on local or regional reports, supplemented by national and global news.

According to its own statements, the station plays "an information-oriented, AC format with rock elements".

Since 99drei is a training station, the editorial and linguistic quality of the moderation and news fluctuates. Nevertheless, the station does not see itself as a pure fun and student station, but strives with its full program to a professional standard. Regular seminars organized by the SAEK and the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences take place for employees . A total of two full-time employees and a professor work at 99drei Radio Mittweida.

The 99drei OB van with new technology has been in operation since 2011. This is used for live concerts (“Soundcheck” broadcast) or outside broadcasts. The contributions will be broadcast via satellite. In November 2012 Jukebox The Ghost and in February 2013 Tim Neuhaus were guests.


About 30 people work at Radio Mittweida. The respective areas are headed by [2] :

  • Program director: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Hösel (full-time, V. i. S. d. P.)
  • Deputy Program Director: Philipp N. Neumayer (full-time)
  • Head of Program: Luise Roß
  • Head of duty: Lukas Fuchs
  • News chief: Benno Hille
  • Music editing: Florentin Tesche and Janis Meyer


99drei Radio Mittweida operates several times a year as an organizer and is present at many other Mittweida events.

While the annual “Spring Cleaning”, a vaudeville and show evening, was the broadcaster's largest indoor event before 2004, the “Bandcontest 2006 - Saxony rocks!” Competition for young musicians was held for the first time in 2006. There were among others Northern Lite , jazz band Pepe, Laing and Bakkushan on.


Individual evidence

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