99minutos - 99minutos

Type Web logistics
Foundation 2014
Founder Alexis Patjane
Headquarters Mexican flag Mexico City , Mexico
Key people Alexis Patjane ( CEO )
Website http://www.99minutos.com/

99minutos (founded in 2013 in Mexico City, Mexico ) is a web logistics company headquartered in Mexico City. It is currently present in more than 12 cities of the Mexican Republic offering its services for sending and collecting packages, making more than 800 daily deliveries and counting with more than 700 commercial partners that use the service.


99minutes began its operations as a virtual store, or cybercommerce, which offered products from different stores and offering a delivery plan in a time less than or equal to 99 minutes [ 1 ] within Mexico City. Later I change the initial proposal to become a delivery system for all e-commerce. [ 2 ]

Later, real-time tracking technology is integrated which, for that moment; It was something very innovative since few companies had this type of system; such as Uber. The company begins to improve its processes and develop APIs for the integration of customer pages with the 99minutos.com platform, which allows achieving optimal logistics so that delivery is made in less than 99 minutes or the same day.

In 2015, a private company, together with an investment fund, contacted Alexis Patjane, the CEO of the company, [ 3 ] with the interest of investing capital for further growth and a greater impact on the market. During that year 99minutes continued to grow but now with the new capital it could achieve more coverage and greater volume. The company has managed in its few years to have more than 4 thousand daily deliveries, with more than 700 online stores that use the service and more of 12 cities of coverage. The system's pioneering technology platform features delivery analytics, direct connections, and live tracking.

By 2016 growth was remarkable and the company little by little became known in the market as one of the fastest and most efficient web logistics companies in the world, achieving more than 60 thousand deliveries in the 4 main cities of Mexico: Guadalajara , Monterrey, CDMX and Querétaro.

During the years that it has been in operation for 99 minutes; has generated a change in the perception of buying online for the majority of its consumers [ 4 ]"Why wait longer to receive the product you just paid for? When you pay for something it is because you want it, there is no point waiting to receive it since this should be immediate… ”. For 99minutos.com technology has always been considered an important part of the company, since deliveries can be made in record time, helping the growth of e-commerce taking into account that these; they are replacing most physical stores due to costs, and physical space, which can sell and advertise an infinite number of SKU's but a physical store cannot; The technology created and the connections made always have to evolve since the e-commerce market is constantly evolving.

In April 2019 99minutos completed the purchase of the Chilean company Muvsmart with a view to its expansion in Latin America.

99 minute method

The 99-minute delivery method [ 5 ] is described below:

  • You place your order in the online store that is associated with 99minutes.
  • Time begins to run when the store receives a purchase order on its website and the 99-minute team takes it to bring the product to the end customer.
  • During the (short) delivery time, the online store and the end customer can know exactly where the package is going with real-time GPS tracking.
  • The product arrives at the door of your house or the place you choose to receive the product purchased a few minutes before.
  • If you are one of those who still do not trust online purchases, you can also pay on delivery.

When you buy a 99-minute shipment without having an online store, the hours are open from 7am to 9pm, both for collecting and receiving and in some cases the guarantee of same day delivery does not apply.

The company offers 5 types of shipments: 99 minutes, Same Day, Next Day, CO2 Free Same Day and CO2 Free Next Day, you have to be careful with the shipment you choose to have what is required.


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