February 9 (1827) - 9 de Febrero (1827)

February 9
Gulet 9 de Febrero (ex Bertioga )
Brazil's flag Argentina's flag
Shipyard Santos Arsenal, Brazil
Type Schooner
Operator Argentina Army
Dumped March 1826
Destination February 9, 1827 (captured and renamed February 9 )
General characteristics
Displacement 150 t
Length 25 m
Manga 3 m
Armament • 2 x 24 pound
guns • 6 x 12 pound guns
Crew 85 men

The February 9 was a ship of the Argentine Navy that fought during the war with the Empire of Brazil .


The schooner Bertioga built in the Arsenal of Marinha de Santos, Brazil, was launched in March 1826 and joined the Third Division of the Imperial Squadron that fought in the Río de la Plata to the Argentine Republic .

Under the command of Lieutenant George Broom, he was part of the Brazilian Third Division in the operation on the Uruguay River arranged by the imperial command. Brown went out to meet the squad and in the Battle of Juncal fought on February 8 and 9, 1827, he achieved the greatest Argentine naval victory. On the second day of combat, Bertioga was attacked by the Maldonado Schooner , [ 1 ] under the command of a former comrade in arms, Francisco Drummond .

The accurate firing of the heavy barrel of an Argentine gunboat knocked down the main mast of the Bertioga, which, unable to maneuver, was forced to surrender after half an hour of combat.

Battle of Juncal

It was incorporated into the Argentine Navy with the name of Goleta 9 de Febrero . [ 2 ] In April 1827 Leonardo Rosales was appointed Chief of the Argentine Gulet Division (four schooners and four gunboats) and the direct command of the February 9th . Under his command, he participated on June 5 in an outing against the Blockade Division of the Brazilian Squad. [ 3 ]

On February 21, Brown with February 9 from Rosales and February 8 from Espora boldly attacked the Brazilian fleet anchored in Montevideo. On June 9, he participated in a new meeting with the Blockade Division in the vicinity of Punta Lara in support of Captain De Kay's corsair brig General Brandsen .

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  1. The former Leal Paulistana captured by the Argentines, similar in characteristics and also built in the Arsenal of Marinha de Santos.
  2. According to the rules of the time, it was acquired by the state for 26,650 pesos.
  3. Brown said: "In that combat, Captain Rosales's schooner 9 de Febrero greatly distinguished itself, and for some time considerable concern over its fate prevailed. When the Admiral observed her clasped between the two corvettes for not having been able to turn, he ran in his aid as well as the Balcarce, at the same time signaling Rosales to move and gun the enemy; so the latter passed astern of the Carioca and sent his shots causing considerable havoc. Brown to show his approval of the conduct of This brave officer ordered the Squad to greet him on his return . " With 8 guns he fought 50 fire on both sides. It was the only time that Brown had the entire Squad pay such honors. [1]


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