9 lives - 9 Leben

Original title 9 lives
Country of production Germany
original language Deutsch
Publishing year 2011
Long 105 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Maria Speth
script Maria Speth
production Maria Speth
music Ulla Kösterke
Camera Reinhold Vorneider
cut Maria Speth

9 Leben is a German documentary film by Maria Speth from 2011 . The film was shot in Berlin in 2010 and was released in German cinemas on May 19, 2011.


The documentary introduces young people from different walks of life and explores the reasons why they live on the streets. All of them have broken CVs, have experienced neglect by parents and families, are victims of domestic violence, suffer from social prejudice, are homeless or have addiction problems. They are all shown against the same neutral background of a studio, where they talk about themselves into the running camera. The director herself limits herself to a few remarks or questions from the off. Through this distant representation, the respect for the personality of the individual interview partners and the renunciation of media-typical voyeurism and sensationalism, the director tries to awaken the viewer's understanding of the social problems of young people, their injuries and their existential crises.


“Far from all the clichés about homeless people and punks, director Maria Speth ('Barefoot') captures the tremendous power that emanates from these people. If you look at their physical and emotional scars, they could all have lived nine lives. Despite or perhaps because of their extreme living conditions, they have developed into outstanding personalities with very individual talents and philosophies of life. Their everyday life on the street is not documented, but rather the protagonists are given the opportunity to talk about themselves and their lives in the studio. This brings the person into the immediate focus. "



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