9 months - 9 meses

9 months is a romantic comedy co-produced by Spain and Venezuela , which develops its entire plot in this first one, more specifically in Madrid and Valencia . The film is directed by Spanish director Miguel Perelló , and stars Enrique Arce and well-known actresses Anabel Alonso , Anabell Rivero , Mónica Cruz and Vanesa Romero . Its release was scarce in both Spanish and Venezuelan cinemas, and for this reason it was catapulted onto platforms such as DVD or online support.


The film is a comedy that tells the story of three wealthy and successful women in their thirties who only need to start a family to be completely happy.

These thirty-somethings, in their desperate attempt to be mothers, are looking for a stud man who has a series of characteristics that fit the stereotype of a father that all three want to get pregnant with the same man and at the same time.

The characters are: Clara Nadal, an educator played by Vanesa Romero , Charo Maspons, a successful lawyer played by Anabel Alonso and Liliana Guzmán, played by Anabell Rivero , a Venezuelan marketing manager. They are three friends who decide to put aside the unsuccessful search for the fairytale prince charming, to find a man who could be the perfect father.

The three women go to see a play in which Fernando Díaz, played by Enrique Arce , participated, with whom Charo had an old romance when they were younger. Fernando is a theater actor with little luck in his love and professional life who dreams of having a large family. Charo tells Clara and Liliana what Fernando is like as she remembers their relationship and the girls realize that he is the man the three of them were looking for. They all consider him a handsome, neat man and a good lover, so they set their goal on him. This leaves Fernando stunned and speechless, causing him to immediately refuse, considering it outrageous.

After four days of reflection and after realizing that his life has not yet taken any rhythm, Fernando accepts the purpose of the three girls and signs the document that establishes the clauses and the requirements that he has to meet to get them pregnant. At first everything seems perfect for him since he had sexual relations with the three women, however, Fernando is asked to participate in a play in Madrid and he has to go live there, leaving the girls alone. They do not take it well, but before he left and because they were all three ovulating, they take the opportunity to use it until the last moment.

When he goes to Madrid, Fernando stays at the house of his sister Roxanna, played by Mireia Pérez . There he meets in an unusual way a friend of his sister Roxanna, Inma Garcés, played by Mónica Cruz . The very night of his arrival he goes to sleep in the bed occupied by Inma without knowing that she was there. From that moment on, love between them began to emerge and they began a romance, putting aside their bad luck in love and also, simultaneously, in the professional field. She simply asks him to be honest, but he does not tell her about the agreement he has with Clara, Charo and Liliana about the pregnancy, since he considers that he can take it the wrong way and since they had not become pregnant in the end, he would not have to find out either.

During their stay in Madrid, the girls call Fernando to announce that the three are pregnant. Months later Fernando returns to Valencia again, without having told Inma yet that he was expecting three children from three different women. On this visit, he will try to meet the parents of the three girls, having to invent three different identities so that their families do not suspect anything that he is the same father.

In a short time, Inma decides to travel to Valencia to tell Fernando that she is pregnant, but when she arrives she finds out the whole truth and although he cries and asks for forgiveness, she decides to return to Madrid without forgiving him because she had only asked him one thing. , sincerity, and this one failed him. Right at that moment, the three girls go into labor. Shortly after, Fernando returns to Madrid to play the leading role in a play and thanks to a friend of his he learns that Inma is opening an exhibition, so when the exhibition ends he runs off in search of it and after apologizing again and tell her that I would always fight for her, because "you always have to fight for the things that are worthwhile", they merge in a big hug and they resume their relationship again, learning that he is going to become a father for the fourth time. The film ends with the wedding of Gustavo, played byJaime Linares , and Ramón, played by Pep Selles , Fernando's gay friends, in which Inma breaks waters at the moment when everyone is posing to take a picture.


The film is directed by Miguel Perelló , a film and television director and producer who has worked for various Spanish production companies such as Cartel or Intercartel. He is a member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences Audiovisual of Spain , Patron of the Foundation City of Light of Valencia , a member of the Association of Directors as well as producers of Valencia and the Advisory Council on Audiovisual of Generalitat Valenciana . He is also a member of the Spanish Academy of Television and is considered a benchmark in Valencian audiovisuals.

Perelló was president of the Valencian Producers Association (APV) and president of Indigomedia (a company that emerged from the merger of Nisa and Intercartel). Some of his jobs as a film director have been 9 months, of which the director has stated that "9 months is a women's comedy, made by women and for women", and What has the other , and as a producer stand out others Works like One Hundred Ways to End Love and The Bicycle . Among his works on television, Corps a la carte and Els Buscadors stand out .


Main actors

  • Enrique Arce plays Fernando Díaz , an actor who has not achieved professional success, thirty-year-old and immature who dreams of being able to start a large family, a dream that he will achieve in an unexpected way for him. His life takes place between Valencia, where he lives in his parents' apartment, and Madrid where he shares a flat with his sister.
  • Mónica Cruz plays Inma Garcés , a young sculptor and visual artist who is beginning to gain recognition for her works. His grandmother is the most important person in his life and one of the things he hates the most is when people lie to him. During the course of the film she will be engulfed in a storm of lies, jealousy and entanglements.
  • Anabel Alonso plays Charo Maspons , she is a successful, sincere and determined lawyer to achieve her challenges. Tired of waiting for prince charming who does not arrive, she decides to undertake the most important challenge of her life, to become a mother at the same time as her two best friends and the same father. Thanks to her, the three friends manage to find the perfect father for the three of them.
  • Vanesa Romero plays Clara Nadal , a dreamy, respectful, friendly and very skilled woman with numbers, dedicated to education who is about to take an important step in her life, being a mother at the same time as her friends, since she too she is tired of waiting for the ideal man.
  • Anabell Rivero plays Liliana Guzmán , an attractive Venezuelan who left her country to secure a professional future for her in Valencia, Spain, as a marketing manager. Persistent with her dreams, she decides that it is the moment to fight to be a mother.
  • Sergio Caballero plays Sebastián , who is the superb representative of Fernando Díaz, who tries by all means to find a place in television, cinema or theater for his great friend. It moves in search of its interests and its own benefit.
  • Josep Selles plays Ramón , Fernando's homosexual friend who has a romantic relationship with Sebastián, which after several ups and downs will culminate with the yes I want at the altar.
  • Jaime Linares plays Gustavo , Fernando's friend for many years, who maintains a relationship with Ramón with whom he will eventually marry. He is funny, friendly and loving.
  • Mireia Pérez plays Roxanna , who is Fernando's sister, who welcomes her to her home in Madrid when he moves there to relaunch his professional career. Thanks to Roxanna, Fernando will meet Inma. Roxanna is the one who encourages Inma to tell Fernando that she is expecting her child.
  • Mamen García plays Kika , Fernando's mother. Kika is very supportive of Fernando, both in her personal and professional life. She is fun, friendly and very optimistic. She is the first to approve the triple paternity of her son.
  • Albert Forner plays Fernando's father. Like his wife, she supports Fernando a lot in all his decisions, including being the father of three children from different mothers.

Supporting actors

  • Joan Gadea plays Pepe .
  • Miguel Ángel Romo plays Jaime Forner .
  • Héctor Palma plays Simón .
  • Paula Garber plays Julia .
  • José Montesinos plays Cyrano .
  • Rafael Calatayud plays Gregorio .
  • José Albarrán plays Ximo .
  • Miguel Barberá plays Iñaki .
  • Benjamin Seva plays Electric .
  • Emilio Mencheta plays the Receptionist .
  • José Montó plays the Receptionist .
  • Empar Brisa plays Amparo .
  • Monica Román plays Trini .
  • Juan José Vizcaíno plays the Assistant Director .
  • Javier Romero plays the bus driver .
  • Manuel Puchades plays the director of the Theater .
  • Juan Manuel Frecha plays the Security Guard .


The reception by the public of this Spanish comedy set on the Mediterranean coast, it could be said that it was not too relevant. The production company, anticipating its possible failure, did not release it in theaters until three years after the completion of its filming.

9 months after being released in a small number of theaters in Spain and even less in Venezuela, it was released on DVD. On this platform we cannot say that its distribution and impact were much more relevant, but it did become part of the shelf of any video store. In addition, it was also launched on an online platform, in order to make its viewing more affordable and have a more international reach.

9 months , she was able to count on great actresses, well known in Spain , such as Anabel Alonso , Anabell Rivero , Vanesa Romero and Mónica Cruz , who generated great expectations as she was the "very sister" of Penelope Cruz . The marketing work carried out to promote this film was by no means masterful, also as a consequence of the limited budget available. This, added to the fact that the film does not belong to any known saga, such as Torrente (whose marketing work we can consider large carats), caused the reception and support by the public to be tremendously light.

Despite the little media coverage that the film had within Spain and much less abroad, it was awarded at the Mostra de Valencia awards for best feature film. It is important to emphasize that this secondary award in the world of film competitions has never helped the award-winning films throughout their career, in the field of recognized merits or national or international prestige; Rather, it has simply served as recognition of a job well done, such as that in this film, in which, with a low budget, they get you to have fun and entertain you for an hour and a half.

The public opinion commonly expressed about this cinematographic work is perfectly reflected in this anonymous comment, found on a web page: "It is not a great movie but it is entertaining and as it lasts 1 hour and a half it does not become heavy and has its funny moments above all in the scenes where you can see how the three women use poor Fernando to get pregnant. "

From this criticism, we can decipher that 9 months is one of the many Spanish films that will never achieve great cinematographic relevance, but that on the contrary, has the ability to entertain anyone on a late-night Saturday or Sunday afternoon ; since it is a "Spanish" capable of making us laugh and have a good time, at the same level as other indigenous films such as Spanish Movie or Brain drain , but which due to its tremendous difficulties and deficiencies in the launch has not been able to have a great repercussion in the countries in which it was released or has been broadcast.

Related locations

This film has been promoted throughout Spain, but it has not been shown in cinemas that do not belong to Cines Unidos . Regarding its release abroad, it could be said that the only part of the world where it may have had some repercussion is in South America, and more specifically in Venezuela, as a result of the co-production of the companies De Palacio Films and HPN . The film was shot in the Valencian Community, Valencia; hence his direct collaboration with this film project. Another of the cities represented in the film and where they were also filming was Madrid, as in the Ciudad de la Luz, Alicante.

Financing and collaboration

This film is a co-production between Spain and Venezuela made by DePalacio Films (Spain) and Productores HPN, CA (Venezuela); with the participation of TVE , RTVV and Cines Unidos .

This film has been financed by ICO , its main collaborators being: ICO , ICAA , Ibermedia , Generalitat Valenciana , Ciudad de la Luz , IVAC , CNAC .

The company in charge of distributing the content of the film throughout Spain is the Premium company . Regarding the collection, as it is not a very popular film and is soon available on DVD and online, it is not easy to find reliable data on funds acquired through the sale of movie tickets. Another factor that made it not known at the level of other productions, is that it was not broadcast in many rooms. The only amount of money that is known is the prize, significant and cash, that the film received at the Mostra de València for the best feature film, which was endowed with about 15,000 euros as a financial prize.


The film 9 months was nominated in 2010 and was awarded among 61 cinematographic works, TV movies, short films, feature films and fiction series at the Mostra de València , in its XXXI edition held at the Lys cinemas. The award received was for the best feature film, which was endowed with 15,000 euros.

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