Opel 8/9 PS - Opel 8/9 PS


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8/9 PS
Production period: 1903–1907
Class : Lower middle class
Body versions : Phaeton , Barrel , Coupe
Engines: Otto engine :
1.5 liters (6.6 kW)
Wheelbase : 1750 mm
Empty weight : 550–575 kg
Previous model Opel 9 hp
successor Opel 6/12 PS

The Opel 8/9 PS was a passenger car of the lower middle class , which the Adam Opel KG 1903-1907 as successor to the model 9 PS built.

History and technology

The 9 PS was the first Opel that the Rüsselsheim car manufacturer built using the Darracq system . In contrast to its predecessor, the engine of which was installed horizontally in the rear, the 9 hp had an engine installed in the front with a smaller displacement but greater power.

The engine was a single cylinder engine with 1470 cm³ displacement, the 9 HP (6.6 kW) at 1200 / min. performed. As with the predecessor, the alternately controlled motor was water-cooled. The engine power was passed on to the rear axle via a leather cone clutch, a manual three-speed gearbox with steering column gear and a cardan shaft . The maximum speed of the cars was 45–50 km / h, the average fuel consumption dropped significantly to 6.25 l / 100 km.

The frame was a platform frame made of sheet steel U-profiles and reinforced with wood. As with the predecessor, the two rigid axles were suspended from semi-elliptical longitudinal leaf springs. The brake was designed as a band brake that acted on the rear wheels.

As with the predecessor, there were three body styles, a two-seater Phaeton , a four-seater tonneau and a two-seater coupé .

In 1907 the construction of the 8/9 HP was stopped. The successor from 1909 was the 6/12 PS model .