9. Fuse Division - 9. Sicherungs-Division

The 9th Security Division was a major unit of the German Navy during World War II .


The division was set up on June 17, 1944 for security tasks in the area of ​​the central to eastern Baltic Sea (from the Pomeranian to the Estonian coasts). To the west of it was the operational area of ​​the 10th Security Division . The headquarters were initially in Windau , from February 1945 in Libau and from March 1945 in Gotenhafen in West Prussia . The Oxhöft control center was under the division.

Until June 1944, the division was under the command of the Commanding Admiral Ostland and then the Commanding Admiral Eastern Baltic Sea . In terms of service, the subordination was under the BSO until November 1944 and then under the command of the security forces .

In August 1944, the division took part in a rescue mission in Narwabucht for the 6th torpedo boat flotilla, which was partially sunk in a German mine barrier. The Wilhelm Gustloff was at anchor in the maritime area of ​​responsibility of the 9th and 10th Security Divisions at the beginning of 1945 , but then left the port of Gotenhafen at the end of January 1945 without any security ships from the divisions. At the end of March 1945, the division carried out an evacuation operation from Oxhöft to the Hela peninsula called the Walpurgis Night Company .

The division's lead ship was the former passenger steamer Rugard .

At the end of the war, parts of the division were transferred to the mine clearance divisions of the GMSA . The former division commander took over the 1st mine clearance division .



Well-known members of the division

  • Frigate Captain Karl Palmgren : at the end of the war with the division, at the beginning of May 1945 deputy commander and chief of the 3rd security flotilla

Individual evidence

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