9A53 Tornado - 9A53 Tornado

The 9A53 Tornado is a multiple rocket launcher system from the Russian Federation .


There are currently three different multiple rocket launcher systems in use by the Russian armed forces : 9K51 Grad (caliber 122 mm), 9K57 Uragan (caliber 220 mm) and 9K58 Smertsch (caliber 300 mm). This fact causes logistical problems and high costs. In the course of standardization measures in the Russian armed forces, they wanted to fix this. In 2005 the armaments company GNPP got Splaw in Tulathe order to develop a uniform multiple rocket launcher system that can replace all three types of rocket. The prototype, called the 9A53 Tornado, was first presented in 2007. In 2012 the Russian armed forces received the first Tornado-G. [1] An export version is also planned.


The 9A53 system is based on the all- terrain MZKT-7930 truck. A horizontally and vertically swiveling turret arm with an electric or hydraulic straightening drive is installed on this. This can be loaded with three different transport and launch containers for artillery rockets in caliber 122 mm, 220 mm or 300 mm. These starting containers can be loaded or exchanged by a supply vehicle within a few minutes.

Each vehicle has a satellite navigation system . This achieves a minimum reaction time from full speed to the opening of the fire of around five minutes. The battery's fire control center is also housed on an MZKT-7930 truck. This is to the 9C729M2- guidance system of the battalion attached. This enables the launcher battery to be supplied directly with data from the artillery reconnaissance radars 1L219 Zoopark-1 and 1L220U Zoopark-2 .


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