DAF YA 4440/4442 - DAF YA 4440 / 4442

DAF YA 4440 prototype

The DAF YA-4440 and YA-4442 are medium-duty military trucks that DAF produced for the Dutch armed forces . They were derived from the civilian model series DAF F1600 / F1800 .

The YA-4440 / YA-4442 was the replacement for the DAF YA-328 and DAF YA-314/324 models built in the 1950s and 1960s .

Model history

On December 7, 1976, the Dutch Ministry of Defense commissioned DAF to build 4,000 YA-4440 vehicles. At 342 million guilders, this was the largest order in DAF's history. The first vehicles were delivered to the army for tests in June 1977. They were finally produced and delivered between 1978 and 1982. In 1983 the contract was increased to a total of 7255 of the 4-ton truck. In December 1989 the delivery of the second generation to the army began as YA-4442, of which 5125 units were delivered.

DAF YA 4440 prototype


The series was designed as a 4-ton payload truck with all-wheel drive and a synchronized 5-speed manual transmission . The vehicles had a tilting cab , power steering and heating . The heater in particular was a significant improvement over the previous models that were not equipped with. The cab has a roof hatch for attaching a machine gun . A version with a flat bottom and removable straight side walls was also built especially for transporting containers . The YA-4442 differs from the YA-4440 in that it has twin rear tires, a more powerful engine and a synchronized 6-speed manual transmission.

Type designation

Y Army vehicle from DAF A for general model for the transport of cargo 4 for 4 tons payload 4 for 4 wheels 4 for all-wheel drive 0 for the series. (So ​​4442 for series 2)

DAF YA-4440


  • YA-4440 = General model for the transport of freight, with box body, with tarpaulin or with a flat loading floor and removable straight side walls
  • YAD- = general model for the transport of crews with nine folding seats on the loading area
  • YAK- = with hydraulic loading crane behind the cab
  • YAS- = Shelter with a standard box body as an office or workshop mobile
  • YAT- = reconnaissance vehicle with box body
  • YAI- = recovery vehicle with cable winch
  • YAL- = driving school vehicle with an extended cabin
  • YAJ- = with special safety equipment for the transport of fuel in canisters
  • YA-MOBAT = equipped with a 105 mm gun for export to Jordan

OF 4442

Basically the same variants as the YA-4440, with the exception of the YA-MOBAT and additional versions:

DAF YAM-4442

Technical specifications

YA-4440 Engine

  • Type: DAF DT 615, turbodiesel in-line engine, 6-cylinder, 6170 cm³, water-cooled
  • Output: 153 hp at 2400 rpm

YA-4442 Engine

  • Type: DAF DNT 620, turbodiesel in-line engine, 6-cylinder, 6240 cm³, water-cooled
  • Output: 180 hp at 2600 rpm

Weights and dimensions

  • Nettogewicht: YES 4440: 6840 kg, YES 4442: 7600 kg
  • Maximum permissible payload: 4000 kg
  • Total length: 7.115 meters
  • Total width: 2,445 meters
  • Wheelbase: 4,050 meters


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