First Bullet / Revolutionary Visitor - Lehenbiziko bala / Bisitari iraultzailea

"The first bullet"
Single from Negu Gorriak
from the album Gure Jarrera
B side "Revolutionary visitor"
Format 7"
Recording April 1991
Genders) fusion rock
Record label Say it loud
Producer (s) Hard winters
" Gora Herria " "The first bullet" « Napartheid »

"Lehenbiziko bullet" / "Bisitari iraultzailea" is the title of the sixth single of the group Basque of rock fusion Negu Gorriak .

It was launched in April of 1992 by the record company independent Esan Ozenki .

The single had two songs, "Lehenbiziko bala" and "Bisitari iraultzailea", both written by the group itself and from the group's second album , Gure Jarrera .

Songs list

Face A: "The First Bullet" ("The First Bullet").

Face B: “Revolutionary Visitor” (“Revolutionary Visitor”).

Different edited versions

Apart from the versions of the single (identical to those published in Gure Jarrera , there is another version of "Lehenbiziko bala" on the live Hipokrisiari Stop! Bilbo 93-X-30 .

With this song they opened the concerts of the Gora Herria / Power to the People Tour 91 tour that they carried out in 1991. This is how it appears on the VHS Tour 91 + 1 , which includes images from the two tours. In the video images corresponding to the Tour 91 + 1 , another live version of "Lehenbiziko bala" is collected.

The Argentine group Todos Tus Muertos in their 1994 album Dale Aborigen , makes a version of "Lehenbiziko bala", in which Fermín Muguruza himself collaborates. The Chilean group Los Miserables (band) in their 1997 album Sin Dios ni Ley , does their version of "Lehenbiziko bala".

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