Chile / Camp Nou Avenue Station - Estación de Avinguda de Xile / Camp Nou

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Station of Avenue of Chile (Trambaix)
Coordinates 41°22′51″N 2°06′53″E / 41.380741666667, 2.1148388888889Coordenadas: 41°22′51″N 2°06′53″E / 41.380741666667, 2.1148388888889
Municipality Barcelona
Zone 1
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Bus TMB 54 113
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Avinguda de Xile is a station on the Trambaix lines T1, T2 and T3 . It is located on the avenue of the same name in the Les Corts district of Barcelona , near the Camp Nou stadium (of FC Barcelona ). This station was inaugurated on April 3 , 2004 .

The station for lines 9 and 10 of the Barcelona Metro with which it will have a connection is currently under construction , it is not scheduled to open until 2023. To open it, it would be necessary to move the extraction shaft of the TBM to the Campus Nord station. Initially this station had to be called as Trambaix , then Campus Sud and finally after a campaign of the "Hat-trick Barça" program on TV3 , the Department of Territorial Policy and Public Works of the Generalitat of Catalonia has agreed to call it Camp Nou . [ 1 ]

Lines serving the station
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Metropolitan tramway.svg Trambaix
Francesc Macià University Area T1.svg Ernest Lluch Good trip
T2.svg Llevant - Les Planes
T3.svg Sant Feliu | County Council
Barcelona Metro Logo.svg Metro
Airport T1 Collblanc Spain traffic signal tp18.svg L9 barcelona.svg
University Area Can Zam
Pratenc Spain traffic signal tp18.svg L10 barcelona.svg


  1. 3cat24 , The Camp Nou will name a station on the L9. (in Catalan)

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