Castellbisbal / El Papiol-Mollet line - Línea Castellbisbal / El Papiol-Mollet

Castellbisbal / El Papiol-Mollet line map
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Barcelona-Martorell-Tarragona line
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The Papiol
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Barcelona-Martorell-Tarragona line
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San Cugat del Vallés
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Barcelona-Manresa-Lérida line
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Center of gravity in desuso
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Barcelona-Gerona line
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Mollet-San Fausto
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Barcelona-Portbou line
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Start of the line at the station of Mollet-Sant Fost ( Mollet del Vallés ).
A unit of the 440R series enters the Rubí station , covering R7 Martorell-Cerdanyola Universitat-Hospitalet.

The Castellbisbal / El Papiol - Mollet line , or ramal del Vallés , is a 27.3-kilometer long railway line that connects the Barcelona-Vilafranca line with the Barcelona-Gerona line . The link with the line Vilafranca occurs to Castellbisbal station and the station Papiol while the link with the line Girona only occurs in sense Girona with Mollet-San Fausto .

In addition to these links, there is a connection with a third line, the Barcelona-Manresa-Lérida line , which connects in the Barcelona direction with the Cerdanyola del Vallès station .

Currently, construction works are being carried out on a third standard gauge track to create the so-called Vallès branch of the Madrid - Barcelona - French Border HSL .


A Civia 465 electric motor vehicle , which performs an R8 service from Rodalies de Catalunya to Granollers Center , enters the Nudo de Mollet junction that links line 246 Castellbisbal - Mollet and the Mollet-Sant Fost station .

Currently, trains on Line 7 of Cercanías Barcelona circulate on this line, connecting the Martorell station with the Hospitalet Station via the Barcelona-Villafranca line to Castellbisbal and then the Castellbisbal-Mollet line to Cerdanyola-Universitat where it connects with the line from Barcelona-Manresa-Lérida to go to Barcelona .

It is planned that this service will be renamed line 5 with direct services between Martorell and Granollers via the Castellbisbal-Mollet line and a second service between these two stations, first passing through the Castellbisbal-Mollet line to Cerdanyola-Universitat to go to Barcelona and Go back up the Barcelona-Villafranca line until you reach El Papiol to go back through the Castellbisbal-Mollet line and connect with Granollers on the Barcelona-Gerona line .

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