Santiago / The hummingbird - Santiago / El picaflor

"Santiago / The hummingbird"
Single by Ángel Parra
from the album Songs of love and death and Art of birds
Side A "Santiago - Protest Song"
B side "The hummingbird"
Publication 1967
Format 7", 45 RPM[1]
Genders) New Chilean Song , Song protest
Record label Chile's flag Demon[1]
Catalogue SD-0182[1]
Author (s) Angel Parra , Pablo Neruda
Producer (s) Buck Fernández [ 1 ]
" My tordillo horse / When are you going to get married "
"Santiago / The hummingbird"
" Manseque / Song of love "

" Santiago / El hummingbird " is the second official single by Chilean singer-songwriter Ángel Parra as a soloist, originally released in Chile in 1967. Side A corresponds to a song from the 1969 album Songs of Love and Death , and side B , to a belonging to the 1966 album Art of Birds recorded together with the poet Pablo Neruda .

Songs list

Side A
N.º Title Letters Music Duration
1. "Santiago - Protest Song" (or "Song to Santiago") Angel Parra Angel Parra
B side
N.º Title Letters Music Duration
2. "The hummingbird" Pablo Neruda Angel Parra


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