Venceremos / The United People - Venceremos / El pueblo unido

"We will win /
The people united"
Single by several interpreters
from the album Politische lieder
Side A Venceremos
B side The people united
Publication 1973
Format Vinilo 7", 45 RPM[1]
Recording 1973
Genders) Protest Song ,
New Chilean Song
Record label Flag of germanyAgeless [ 1 ]
Catalogue 4 15 130[1]
Author (s) Quilapayún , Sergio Ortega , Claudio Iturra

« Venceremos / El pueblo Unidos » is a single by the Chilean band Inti-Illimani together with the Argentines from Quinteto Tiempo, the Finns from Agitprop and the Germans from Oktoberklub Berlin. It was released in the German Democratic Republic in 1973, and contains two of the songs recorded that same year during the X World Festival of Youth and Students , which were released on the album Politische lieder . The side A corresponds to the song " Venceremos " , while the B - side to " The people united ', both emblematic left - wing themes from the times of the Popular Unity in Chile.

On the cover of the album appears the message in German "Solidarität mit Chile", which in Castilian means "Solidarity with Chile" and which was used the following year in the title of the album Internationales Konzert: Solidarität mit Chile .

Songs list

Side A
N.º Title Letters Music Interpreters Duration
1. «Venceremos» Claudio Iturra Sergio Ortega Chile's flag You-Illimani
B side
N.º Title Letters Music Interpreters Duration
2. " The people united " Quilapayún Sergio Ortega Argentina's flag Time Quintet
Finland flag Agitprop
Flag of germany October Club Berlin


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