The planter / It's impossible - La jardinera / Es imposible

«The planter / It is impossible»
Single by Violeta Parra and Isabel Parra
from the album Annex: Singles by Isabel Parra and Annex: Singles by Violeta Parra
Side A "The gardener"
B side "It is impossible"
Publication 1954
Format Slate disc 10 " , 78 RPM [ 1 ]
Recording 1954
Genders) Folk music
Duration 5:45[1]
Record label Chile's flag Odeon[1]
Catalogue 89-952[1]
Author (s) Violet Parra [ 1 ]
Isabel parra
"The planter / It is impossible"
" The sentence / The jealous one "

"La Jardinera / Es Impossible" is a 78 RPM song by the famous Chilean singer-songwriter Violeta Parra and her daughter Isabel Parra , released in 1954 on the Odeon label . Both Side A and Side B are Violet compositions. Mother and daughter sing accompanied by anonymous musicians not mentioned in the album, who play harp, guitars, double bass and accordion. [ 1 ]

Due to a contract that the Las Hermanas Parra duo had with the Odeon label, the album had to come out under this authorship, despite the fact that Violeta's sister, Hilda Parra , did not participate in its creation. [ 1 ]

The song "La jardinera" would later appear on Violeta's 1960 album, Toda Violeta Parra . The song "It's impossible" , for its part, is a corrido that had already appeared before as Side A of the Las Hermanas Parra single "It's impossible / Luis Ingrato . "

Songs list

All music composed by Violeta Parra .

Side A [ 1 ]
N.º Title Duration
1. "The gardener"
B side
N.º Title Duration
2. "It is impossible"


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