Gußwerke Saarbrücken / Gußwerke Leipzig - Gußwerke Saarbrücken / Gußwerke Leipzig

Gußwerke Leipzig GmbH / Gußwerke Saarbrücken GmbH
legal form GmbH
founding 2011
Seat Saarbrücken, GermanyGermany Germany
management Michael Capitain[1]
Number of employees 1.600[2]
sales 333 million euros [2]
Branch Automotive supplier
As of December 31, 2014

Plant in Leipzig

Today's companies Gußwerke Saarbrücken GmbH and Gußwerke Leipzig GmbH (formerly Neue Halberg-Guss GmbH ; short: Halberg-Guss ) are foundries that emerged from the former Halbergerhütte in Saarbrücken- Brebach and VEB Metallgusswerk in Leipzig .


The history of the company goes back to the year 1756, when Prince Friedrich Wilhelm von Nassau-Saarbrücken built the smelting and hammer works Halberger Werck at the foot of the Halberg in the then still independent village of Brebach. The later Halbergerhütte emerged from this work .

Since 1972, Halbergerhütte has belonged 100 percent to the French Saint-Gobain group , which in 1988 outsourced its foundry activities in the automotive supplier area with around 2500 employees to the independent Halberg-Guss . This company was sold to the French Valois group in 1992 .

In 1993 a foundry in Leipzig ( Lage ), which formerly belonged to VEB Metallgusswerk, was taken over by the Treuhandanstalt . In the following years, Halberg-Guss expanded through acquisitions abroad. In 2007, two iron and aluminum foundries each were acquired in South Africa , which were then sold again in the course of the later insolvency.

On September 1, 2009, the Halberg-Guss Group filed for bankruptcy. [3] At the beginning of 2011, Halberg-Guss employed around 2000 people in Germany (1300 at the headquarters in Saarbrücken-Brebach and 700 at the Leipzig plant). Sales in 2010 were around EUR 300 million. [4]

In May 2011 Halberg-Guss was taken over by the Dutch private equity company HTP Investments and continued under the name Neue Halberg-Guss GmbH (NHG). [5] This involved financial concessions by employees. [6] After a brief interlude with Süddeutsche Beteiligungs GmbH, the company was sold to the Prevent Group of the Bosnian entrepreneurial family Hastor in January 2018 . [7] On November 29, 2018, the NHG foundries in Saarbrücken and Leipzig were transferred to a consortium led by One Square Advisorssold. The remaining company changed its name to ANHK GmbH at the shareholders' meeting on January 17, 2019 . [8] In the meantime, the company has been renamed Gußwerke Saarbrücken GmbH and the branch in Leipzig has been renamed Gußwerke Leipzig GmbH .

In July 2019, Gußwerke Saarbrücken GmbH announced the cut of 200 of the 1200 jobs due to a lack of orders. [9] Having to mid-September 2019, the wages of August as well as overdue severance payments to former employees could not be paid, the company reported on 20 September 2019 bankruptcy in self-administration of. [10] On June 3, 2020, the final closure of the plant at the end of the month was announced. [11] Gusswerke Leipzig will also finally cease production at the end of September 2020. [12]


According to their own statement, the Gusswerke are European market leaders in the development and production of cast crankshafts as well as cylinder crankcases and heads, but in the field of cylinder crankcases there are Fritz Winter Eisengießerei GmbH & Co. KG , Stadtallendorf , and Eisenwerk Brühl GmbH , Brühl , two further manufacturers of cylinder crankcases with comparable importance in this market segment.


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