Wolfsanger / hare hedge - Wolfsanger / Hasenhecke

Coat of arms of Kassel
Wolfsanger / Hasenhecke
district of Kassel
Location of Wolfsanger in Kassel
Coordinates ° 19 51 '58 " N , 9 ° 31' 52" O Koordinaten: 51 ° 19 '58 " N , 9 ° 31' 52" O.
height 162 m ü. NHN
area 7,37 km² (5/23)
Residents 7101 (31. Dec. 2019) (16/23)
Population density 964 inhabitants / km² (19/23)
Proportion of foreigners 9.6% (31. Dec. 2019) (17/23)
Start-up 811
Postcodes 34125, 34355
Primaries 0561, 05543
Website District information Wolfsanger / Hasenecke
Mayor Helmuth Brehm ( SPD )
Allocation of seats (local advisory board)
4 1 1 3
A total of 9 seats
Source: Kassel Statistical Atlas

The former village of Wolfsanger has been part of the city of Kassel in northern Hesse since 1936 . Up until a few decades ago, numerous larger courtyards shaped the townscape. The former Hasenhecke barracks , which was one of the first conversions of military properties in Kassel, is located in front of the forest of prospects . In the course of the past few years, further plots of land for home development have been developed on the north-eastern outskirts around the sports center.


Wolfsanger was first mentioned as "Vulvisanger" in a certificate from Emperor Charlemagne from December 1, 811, issued in Aachen . At that time it was already a sizable settlement in the border area of ​​the Saxon and Franconian tribal area. Two years later, the first known member of the Esikonen family , the Saxon noble Hiddi , who had to leave his country as a supporter of Charlemagne, became a count of Karl bei Wolfsanger in the Saxon Hessengauused. Wolfsanger is the oldest documented part of Kassel and more than 100 years older than Kassel itself. The settlement of Saxon refugees in Wolfsanger resulted in a Franconian- Saxon double settlement with an old Franconian baptismal church, which was consecrated to John the Baptist . Wolfsanger was a place of justice, and justice was administered there as early as 1100.

In 1841 a cold water sanatorium with medical care was set up. Bad Wolfsanger enjoyed a good reputation for several decades.

On October 3, 1943, Thanksgiving Day, Kassel, Wolfsanger and other places in the surrounding area were destroyed by air raids by the Allied Air Force. Only 28 houses were still standing. The village character of Wolfsanger was almost lost.


Gut Kragenhof , a Kassel exclave in a Fulda arch , also belongs to the district . It has the postcode 34355 and the telephone code 05543 of the Lower Saxony municipality of Staufenberg .


The largest club is TSV Wolfsanger with over 1130 members. [1] He offers football, handball, gymnastics and judo. The gymnastics department offers a wide range of courses for everyone.



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