Fachinformationsdienst Benelux / Low Countries Studies - Fachinformationsdienst Benelux / Low Countries Studies

The Specialized Information Service Benelux / Low Countries Studies (FID Benelux) is a service of the University and State Library of Münster (ULB Münster) within the framework of the Specialized Information Services for Science funded by the German Research Foundation .

This nationwide funding program is the successor program to the system of special collection areas at German academic libraries that expired at the end of 2015 . It pursues the goal of providing scientists in Germany with the quickest and most direct access possible to specialist literature and research-relevant information, regardless of their location. The specialist information services supplement the information infrastructures of universities and research institutions with supra-regional services for special needs.


The collection focus on Dutch culture has a long tradition at the ULB Münster. The historical holdings of the library contain numerous important publications on the Netherlands and Flanders from the 14th to the beginning of the 20th century.

The first financial support for the Münster special collection came in the twenties of the last century from the emergency community of German science . In 1949, the collection focus was included as a special collection area (SSG) Dutch cultural area in the special collection area plan of the German Research Foundation. This special collection area was continued from 2006 to 2015 in cooperation with the University and City Library of Cologne as SSG Benelux.

After the end of the special collection areas, the ULB Münster was able to establish the FID Benelux in 2016 as a central contact point for research-relevant literature and information about the culture and society of the Benelux countries as well as research-supporting services for this area.


As a regional specialist information service with a multidisciplinary orientation, the FID is primarily aimed at the disciplines of Dutch Studies , History , Politics , Sociology , Cultural Anthropology / Folklore , Geography and Regional Studies . The aim of the FID is to combine a comprehensive range of literature, information and advice with electronic value-added services that are directly geared to the needs of the specialist field. To this end, it cooperates closely with a number of academic libraries and information institutions in Germany and the Benelux countries.


The service portfolio of FID Benelux includes the following components:

  • Benelux-related special literature in printed and electronic form
  • the FID Benelux research portal
  • a directory of Benelux research in German-speaking countries
  • Open-Access-Publikationsdienste
  • a digitization service
  • the construction of specialist bibliographies
  • the FID Benelux Blog
  • Advisory and support services for science


The physical book and media stocks of the FID Benelux are owned by the ULB Münster. A large part of the holdings related to the Netherlands is housed in the library in the House of the Netherlands (BHN), where it is placed together with the holdings of the Institute for Dutch Philology and the Center for Dutch Studies at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster . The BHN is the largest specialist library for Dutch research in the German-speaking area.