Christmas tune / Lunita del toro - Tonada de Navidad / Lunita del toro

"Christmas Tune / Lunita del toro"
Single by Los de Ambrosoli and Pepe Márquez
Side A Christmas tune
B side Lunita of the bull
Publication 1972
Format Vinyl
Genders) New Chilean Song , Folklore
Duration 7:11
Record label Chile's flag STAMPED [ 1 ]
Catalogue JJS-158[1]
Chronology of DICAP
" DFL / Second Independence "
"Christmas Tune / Lunita del toro"
" Good luck Benaiga / El huacho Jacinto "

Tonada de Navidad / Lunita del toro is a single by Chilean musicians Los de Ambrosoli and Pepe Marquez , released in 1972 by the DICAP record label .

The vinyl cover shows the Los de Ambrosoli quartet with a truck from the Chilean candy company Ambrosoli , while the back cover shows Pepe Marquez playing guitar in a country house, and the names of the musicians who accompany him. On both sides it is also specified that the first were the winners of the First Festival of the Worker's Song, Viña del Mar , 1972, while Marquez was the winner of the 1st Worker Festival, representative of the Viña Textile Industry. The DICAP logo appears on both covers, but on the B-side cover it is specified "DICAP Valparaíso " below it. [2]

Songs list

Side A
N.º Title Interpreters Duration
1. "Christmas Tune" Those of Ambrosoli 3:57
B side
N.º Title Interpreters Duration
2. "Lunita del toro" Pepe Marquez 2:14


Side A
  • Those of Ambrosoli
  • Julio Ibañez, guitar and voice
  • Eduardo Ossandon, lead guitar
  • Alfonso Acuña, guitar and voice
  • Sergio Perez, first voice
Side B [ 2 ]


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