The era is giving birth to a heart / Manuel - La era está pariendo un corazón / Manuel

«The era is giving birth to a heart / Manuel»
Single by Osvaldo Madera
Side A The era is giving birth to a heart
B side Manuel
Publication 1969
Format Vinyl ( 7 " , 45 RPM ) [ 1 ]
Genders) Protest song
Duration 6:20
Record label Chile's flagGente joven
Distribuido but DICAP [ 2 ]
Catalogue GJS-01 [ 2 ]
Author (s) Silvio Rodríguez ,
Osvaldo Madera
Chronology of DICAP
"The era is giving birth to a heart / Manuel"
«They told me that you are getting married / Singing for the world »

The era is giving birth to a heart / Manuel is a single by the Arican musicianOsvaldo Madera, released in 1969 under the Chilean record label DICAP . The side A corresponds to a version of the song " The era is giving birth to a heart " of the Cuban singer Silvio Rodriguez . [ 1 ]

On the back cover of the album appears the following writing by Osvaldo himself, as a small autobiography:

«I am Osvaldo Madera, do you remember me? I came from Arica singing to Ximena and with a heart full of dreams, which when confronted with reality dissolved like smoke. Like me, there are many young people who do not have the opportunity to realize themselves freely because the environment is hostile. For those young people, for myself and for what they will be, I want to stamp my disagreement with the way in which the future of youth is shaped.
I am one of eight children in a modest working class family. Worker from the age of 14 I knew about the rigors that workers suffer. My self-taught cultural background demonstrated my right to protest. Now I want to exercise that right and I will be a protest singer, against war and exploitation, against evil and selfishness, for hope and freedom. I have the right, right? Then listen to me.
Osvaldo Wood [ 1 ]

Songs list

Side A [ 2 ] [ 1 ]
N.º Title Music Duration
1. « The era is giving birth to a heart » Silvio Rodriguez 2:57
B side
N.º Title Music Duration
2. «Manuel» Osvaldo Wood 3:23


  • Vicente + Antonio Larrea: graphic design. [ 1 ]


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