White Lies / Child Profession - Bugie bianche / Professione figlio

Bugie bianche also known as Professione figlio , is an Italian film directed in 1979 by Stefano Rolla .

Thanks to an effective direction Stefano Rolla describes the relationships between parents and children, with a fable as an anecdote. Interesting and sentimental, with psychological nuances, and with great care and love focused on family problems. Rolla permeates the entire film with a touch of poetry. The psychological relationships and the development and behavior of the characters stand out efficiently.


In Venice Renato, a young flute player, is looking for a partner who is willing to adopt him. He finally finds her, but over time, he starts to get bored and leaves them. The last couple (an antique dealer and a violinist) have a very embarrassing experience when Renato pretends to be the natural son of the antique dealer. Finally all the "parents" abandoned by Renato meet in Venice to unmask him, and he, once again, is forced to escape.

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