According to Leonard Cohen / Según Leonard Cohen - According to Leonard Cohen / Según Leonard Cohen

Acordes con Leonard Cohen / According to Leonard Cohen
Various Album
Publication 2007
Genders) Rock , Folk
Duration 107:00
Record label Discmed

Chords with Leonard Cohen / According to Leonard Cohen is a tribute album to Leonard Cohen released in 2007.

The album is based on a project by journalist Alberto Manzano , Cohen's personal friend and translator of some of his books into Spanish. This is the recording of a live show in which several Spanish and international artists take part (including Anjani Thomas, Cohen's partner, and their son Adam). The songs are performed in various languages: English , Spanish , Catalan and Basque . In addition, the interpretations are interspersed with recitations of poems by Cohen himself, by Constantino Romero .

Also included is a DVD with images of the concert, and interviews with the participating artists.

List of topics

CD 1

  1. "My Dream" - Duquende
  2. "A thousand kisses deep" - Jackson Browne
  3. "Chelsea hotel" - Jabier Muguruza
  4. "Diamonds in the mine" - Elliott Murphy
  5. "You know who I am" - Santiago Auserón
  6. "Ballad of the absent mare" - Javier Colis and Perla Batalla
  7. "Thanks for the dance" - Anjani Thomas
  8. "Susanna" - Toti Soler
  9. "Titles" - Constantino Romero
  10. "Bird on the wire" - Adam Cohen

CD 2

  1. "Little Viennese Waltz" - Adam Cohen
  2. "Suzanne" - Perla Batalla
  3. "Impermeable azul" - Christina Rosenvinge
  4. "So long, Marianne" - Jabier Muguruza
  5. "Al·leluia" - Gerard Quintana
  6. "Half the perfect world" - Anjani Thomas
  7. "The future" - Luis Eduardo Aute
  8. "Any system" - Constantino Romero
  9. "The butcher" - Javier Colis and Javier Mas
  10. "Prayer for the Messiah" - Constantino Romero
  11. "Dance with me (until the end of love)" - Pearl Battle