Ayuí / Tacuabé - Ayuí / Tacuabé

Ayuí / Tacuabé
Logo ayuí tacuabé.svg
Type label
Foundation 1971
Headquarters Montevideo ( Uruguay )
Website www.tacuabe.com

Ayuí / Tacuabé is a Uruguayan record label created in 1971 .


This record label was founded in 1971 by a group of musicians made up of José "Pepe" Guerra , Daniel Viglietti , Braulio López and Coriún Aharonián with the aim of promoting artists that were not normally published by other record companies. [ 1 ]

It was defined that under the name Tacuabé , phonograms of cultured music would be published , and with that of Ayuí, discs of popular music , narrations and poetry . [ 1 ]

The first recordings to be released for the label were Los Olimareños , the guitarist Agustín Carlevaro , the composer Héctor Tosar , the writers Juan Capagorry and Milton Schinca and the humorist Wimpi . Likewise, discs by exponents of the Nueva Trova Cubana such as Silvio Rodríguez , Noel Nicola and Pablo Milanés were released . [ 1 ]

After the 1973 coup , and with the advent of the civic-military dictatorship , many of the founding musicians of this label had to go into exile. During this period, Coriún Aharonián was in charge of the general coordination of the label. [ 2 ]

In subsequent years, recordings were made of the Aguaragua group of Carlos Canzani , Jaime Roos , Los que were cantando , Rubén Rada , El Cuarteto de Nos , Leo Maslíah and Larbanois & Carrero among many other musicians who make up the movement of the Uruguayan popular song. [ 2 ]

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