Volvo VN/VT/ VHD - Volvo VN/VT/ VHD

Volvo VN
Volvo VN
Manufacturer: Volvo Trucks
Sales designation: VN / VT / VHD
Production period: since 2002
Previous model: Volvo NH
Successor: none
Technical specifications
Engines: Diesel engines : Volvo VED12 12 liter
16 liter
Cummins Engine ISX
Power: 249–460 kW
Perm. Total weight: up to 56.7 t
Volvo VHD

Since 2002 produced Volvo Trucks America the Langhauber - truck -series Volvo VN / VT / VHD . The Volvo VN tractor unit with a 4x2 or 6x4 drive formula was the first model presented.

The technology of the series is based on the European Volvo FM and Volvo FH , adapted to American standards and requirements. The weight of the trailer is 15.9-23.6 tons and a maximum of articulated trucks with a total weight of 56.7 tons can be used. With the standard versions for local traffic, VNM200 and VNL300, the length from the front bumper to the rear wall of the driver's cab is 2870 or 3124 mm. The standard cabhas a length of 1.10 meters and is also available with different heights as VNM / VNL430 and VNM / VNL630. The versions VN670 and VN780 also have more spacious and comfortably equipped driver's cabs with a length of 1550 to 1960 mm. The VN differs from the classic American large trucks through its aerodynamic shape with a slim radiator grille and rounded three-part bumpers. The cab and the vehicle frame are made of aluminum in order to keep their own weight light.

The drive is provided by the 12-liter Volvo VED12 diesel engine with 365–465 hp or the Cummins Engine ISX with 385–585 hp, each with EGR exhaust gas recirculation . The power transmission takes place here with various i-Shift automatic or manual transmissions , between 9 and 18 stages or gears. Air suspension is also available in addition to the conventional one .

The VT 880 tractor unit has also been available in a 6x4 design since 2005. The driver's cab is 1960 mm long and offers a wash basin in addition to the VN's highest level of comfort . A simplified version has been available since August 2005 as the VT800 with a driver's cab that is 200 mm shorter for local traffic. The basic engine for the VT is the Volvo D16C 16-liter diesel engine with 500, 550, 600 or 625 hp [1] or the Cummins ISX with 475–585 hp, each with EGR.

There is also the VT-based VHD, in 4x2 or 6x6 design, also with Volvo or Cummins engines and 339 to 471 hp with manual 10-speed split gear. [2]


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