A-1205 - A-1205

Highway A − 1205
AragonFlag of Aragon.svg Aragon ,SpainFlag of Spain.svg Spain
Route data
Colloquial name Jaca road to Santa María de la Peña, Puerto de Oroel , or Sudoroel road
Identifier A-1205
Type Autonomous Second Order Highway
Administration Government of Aragon
Headline Logo of the Government of Aragon.svg
Red Regional network
Crosses N-240 , N-330 , A-132 and A-1603
Location 42°27′29″N 0°36′41″O / 42.458027777778, -0.61138888888889Coordenadas: 42°27′29″N 0°36′41″O / 42.458027777778, -0.61138888888889

The A-1205 is a road that runs through the valley of the river Gállego and the protected landscape of San Juan de la Peña and Monte Oroel . It connects the towns of Santa María de la Peña with Jaca , and the A-132 , A-1603 , N-240 , and the N-330 roads , to which its route corresponded for years, before moving it as it passed through the Monrepós .


It goes through the towns of Santa María de la Peña , Triste , La Peña Estación , Anzánigo , Bernués , and Jaca .


  • N-330 (1940-1983). According to theGeneral Plan of Public Works of 1940.
  • C-125 (1983-1999). By theResolution of December 14, 1982 of the General Directorate of Roads, which makes public the ministerial resolution of November 19, 1982 that approves the adequacy of the nomenclature of the N-330, C-136 and C highways -125, provinces of Zaragoza and Huesca. Published inBOE-A-1983-2299, BOE no. 18, of January 21, 1983 (pages 1609 to 1609). [ 1 ]
  • A-1205 (1999-Act.) ByLaw 8/1998, of December 17, on roads in Aragon. Published in BOA no. 150 of December 30, 1998 and BOE no. 23 27 January 1999. [ 2 ]

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