A-131 - A-131

Highway A-131
AragonFlag of Aragon.svg Aragon ,SpainFlag of Spain.svg Spain
Route data
Identifier A-131
Type Autonomous First Order Highway
Length 102,2 km
Administration Government of Aragon
Headline Logo of the Government of Aragon.svg
Red Basic network
Start Huesca
End Fraga
Crosses A-130
Location 41°59′25″N 0°14′22″O / 41.990182, -0.239582Coordenadas: 41°59′25″N 0°14′22″O / 41.990182, -0.239582

The A-131 road belongs to the autonomous road network of Aragon . It connects Sariñena (capital of the Los Monegros region ) with Huesca and Fraga