A-1605 - A-1605

Highway A − 1605
Huesca, SpainFlag of Spain.svg Spain
Route data
Colloquial name Isábena road
Identifier A-1605
Type Autonomous Second Order Highway
Administration Government of Aragon
Headline Logo of the Government of Aragon.svg
Red Regional network
Crosses N-260 and A-139
Location 42°21′03″N 0°34′17″E / 42.350884, 0.571308Coordenadas: 42°21′03″N 0°34′17″E / 42.350884, 0.571308

The A-1605 is a road that runs through the valley of the river Isábena and connects the towns of Graus with Bonansa and the N-260 .


It crosses the towns of Graus , Capella , Pociello , Laguarres , Laguarres , Roda de Isábena , La Puebla de Roda , Serraduy , Pardinella , Beranuy and Bonansa .