A-1702 - A-1702

Highway A-1702
AragonFlag of Aragon.svg Aragon ,SpainFlag of Spain.svg Spain
Route data
Colloquial name Sale Road La Pintada a Cuarto Pelado
Identifier A-1702
Type Autonomous Second Order Highway
Length 56 km
Administration Government of Aragon
Headline Logo of the Government of Aragon.svg
Red Regional network
• North N-240
• Sure A-226
Places it crosses Ejulve , Villarluengo , Cañada de Benatanduz
Location 40°40′01″N 0°32′58″O / 40.667072222222, -0.549375Coordenadas: 40°40′01″N 0°32′58″O / 40.667072222222, -0.549375

The A-1702 is a Spanish regional road that runs through the province of Teruel , in Aragon . It connects the Lower Aragon with the Turolense Mastership and has a length of 56 km.

It begins at kilometer 194 of the national road N-211 , in the municipality of Gargallo (specifically in Venta la Pintada ) and ends in the municipality of Cantavieja , at the height of Cuarto Pelado on the regional highway A-226 .

It runs through the urban centers of Ejulve (km. 10), Villarluengo (km. 36) and Cañada de Benatanduz (km. 48). It begins its journey in the historic Bajo Aragón, at about 900 meters above sea level , and crosses the entire Alto Maestrazgo until it reaches the Cuarto Pelado , reaching heights higher than 1600 mrnm in its last stage, which establishes an outstanding unevenness.


Its current state is of significant deterioration in some segments of its route, although important improvements have been made in recent years. Thus, there are some sections subject to current road safety standards and requirements, or partially improved, which are the following:

  • From its source (kilometer 0) on the N-211 road to kilometer 10, where the urban area of Ejulve ends , the road has a state adjusted to safety requirements.
  • From kilometer 10 to kilometer 14,600 the road has been partially improved in 2014, correcting curves and widening the platform, but it still does not meet the quality standards necessary for this type of road. [ 1 ] At the end of 2019, this section was under construction.
  • From kilometer 20 (between the terms of Ejulve and Villarluengo , where the Órganos de Montoro are located , after the detour of Masías de Ejulve ) and up to kilometer 46, near the urban area of Cañada de Benatanduz , the road has been renovated and has the appropriate security requirements.

The rest of the road has a narrow road, very deteriorated paving, no differentiation between lanes, sharp curves and a lack of signaling, which makes it necessary to improve it completely. [ 2 ]


Andorra-Sierra de Arcos



Gargallo / Venta la Pintada