F/A-18 Hornet Solo Display - F/A-18 Hornet Solo Display

F/A-18 Hornet Solo Display
F/A-18 Hornet Solo Display
Land: SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland
Currently used aircraft type: McDonnell Douglas F/A-18
Sponsor: Swiss Air Force
Base airfield: Payerne military airfield
Founding: 1997
Colours: Degree
Weblink: official page
F/A-18D MAKS 2013

The F / A-18 Hornet Solo Display is an aerobatic team of the Swiss Air Force , which performs demonstrations with one aircraft of the type F / A-18 Hornet .


The F / A-18 Hornet Solo Display was founded shortly after the McDonnell Douglas F / A-18 was introduced by the Swiss Air Force in 1997. The task of the F / A-18 Solo Display is to demonstrate the flight performance and maneuverability of the F / A-18 to visitors at various flight demonstrations at home and abroad. From 1997 to 1998 the team consisted of 2 display pilots, Stéphane «Punzel» Rapaz and Werner «Höffi» Hoffmann. Since 1999, the F / A-18 Hornet Display has had one active display pilot who is often accompanied to the flight demonstrations by a former or future F / A-18 Hornet Display pilot when performing abroad, who is usually accompanied by a 2 F / A 18C as a reserve on site. In contrast to the formation flight on sight and with the support of the team commander on the ground, as with the Patrouille Suisseor the PC-7 team , the F / A-18 Solo Display is not flown on sight as a reference, but a program based on numbers, engine power, angle of attack, speed, rate of climb and descent.

The F / A-18C (single-seater) is flown with no external loads, whenever possible from the F / A-18 fleet availability, the relay machine is used by the squadron in which the current F / A-18 Hornet display pilot is assigned. These are J-5011 of the Fliegerstaffel 11 Tigers, J-5017 of the Fliegerstaffel 17 Falcons or the J-5018 of the Fliegerstaffel 18 Panthers. If the relay aircraft is not available, the display is flown with any F / A-18C.

An exception was the first official flight demonstration by Stéphane «Punzel» Rapaz, who completed it with the F / A-18D J-5233, as well as the flight demonstration at MAKS 2013 near Moscow where the flight demonstration with the F / A-18D (two-seater) J- 5232 was flown with wing tanks attached. At large air shows such as the RIAT or Air14 , the Hornet Solo Display Team often flies in the opening of the flight demonstration with the PC-7 Team, the Patrouille Suisse or the Super Puma Display Team in a joint overflight formation. Home base is the Payerne military airfield .


The team has won several awards since its inception e.g. B.

  • Paul Bowen Solo Jet Aerobatic Trophy 2006, 2007, 2009
  • 2. Rang in «the most accurate, polish and safe display» 2012
  • Commander Trophy for the “best military display” 2012


Name Season Period
Nicolas "Vincent" Rossier Fliegerstaffel 17 2017–
Julien "Teddy" master Fliegerstaffel 17 2014–2017
Bernhard «Me» Kocher Fliegerstaffel 18 2013
Ralph «Deasy» Knittel Fliegerstaffel 17 2010–2012, MAX 2013
Thomas «Pipo» Peier Fliegerstaffel 18 2007–2009
Michael «Elvis» Reiner Fliegerstaffel 11 2004–2007
Patrick "Dähli" Dähler Fliegerstaffel 11 2001–2003
Frédéric «Styff» Ryff Fliegerstaffel 17 1999–2000
Werner "Höffi" Hoffmann Fliegerstaffel 11 1997–1998
Stéphane «Punzel» Boy Fliegerstaffel 17 1997–1998

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