A-2103 - A-2103

San Enrique-Guadiaro
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Route data
Identifier A-2103
Type Autonomous road
Length 3,8 km
Administration Juntadeandalucia.svg
Junta de Andalucía
• North A-2102
• Sure New Town of Guadiaro
Places it crosses Guadiaro
Bridge of the A-2103 over the Guadiaro River .

The A-2103 is an Andalusian road in the province of Cádiz .

The road connects Guadiaro , Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro and San Enrique de Guadiaro with each other, with the A-2102 and with the A-7 .

The A-2103 starts at a junction with the A-2102 about 800 meters north of San Enrique. Just at the beginning, a bridge crosses the Guadiaro River to the west, to continue south to Guadiaro. The neighborhood is crossed by the highway in crossing, as well as Pueblo Nuevo. The road ends at exit 130 of the A-7 , although there is a service branch, parallel to the highway, that connects the A-2103 with the A-2100 in Sotogrande .