A-3050 - A-3050

The A-3050 or round west-north of Córdoba is an urban round of the city of Córdoba , called Ronda de Poniente or Ronda Oeste de Córdoba and Ronda norte de Córdoba . On its route we find infrastructures such as the Andalusian Bridge and the Omeyas Tunnel. It was inaugurated in 2008 after more than eight years of works, due to the discovery of archaeological remains in its route and the complexity of the construction technique of the Umayyad Tunnel under the high-speed lines .

This fast track connects the A-4 at the Avenida de Cádiz with the Glorieta de la Arruzafilla. It has links with the Menéndez Pidal Avenue (University Campus), the Airport road ( N-437 ), the Manolete Avenue, the Palma del Río road ( A-431 ) and from here on in a more urban range it crosses level through roundabout intersections with Isla de la Gomera street, Crucero Baleares street, Santa María de Trassierra road and Glorieta de la Arruzafilla where it ends.

Then the northern round would come, which would extend it to the CO-31 .

It consists of 3 sections of the west round plus another 3 of the north round. It does not have the category of highway , but of conventional dual carriageway and metropolitan range.

Its construction and ownership is autonomous (except for a section of the northern ring road, which is built by the Córdoba city council).

It houses several tunnels, for example:

  • Almunia tunnel
  • Umayyad tunnel
  • Turruñuelos tunnel (81 m)
  • Trasierra tunnel (26 + 32 m)
  • Arruzafilla tunnel (240 m)
  • Bright-Asomadilla tunnel (1635 m)