A-314 - A-314

Andalusia flag Andalusia ,SpainFlag of Spain.svg Spain
Route data
Previous name C-343
Identifier A-314
Type Autonomous road
Length 9 km
Administration Juntadeandalucia.svg
Junta de Andalucía
Entrance to Barbate from the A-314 .

The A-314 is an Andalusian road in the province of Cádiz .

The road connects Vejer de la Frontera with Barbate . It is the only access road to this town from a national highway.

Its beginning is located at a junction of the N-340 north of Vejer. It continues parallel to the river Barbate on its right bank, passes as a variant of the La Oliva neighborhood and ends at a roundabout on Avenida de Juan Carlos I in Barbate.